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5 games we want on the PS Vita

We can only hope the PS Vita matures into a system with a robust and respectable library, and while it does seem to have a fairly strong line-up for the next year or so, it could use some more firepower. Here are our suggestions: (PS Vita)

omarzy  +   867d ago
1. An original Final Fantasy

2. Monster Hunter

3. An Original MGS

4. Kingdom Hearts

5. New Ultimate Ninja or just put Storm 3 on the Vita as well.

It is numbered, but this is in no particular order. Just wanted it to look organized.
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vickers500  +   867d ago
Borderlands Vita
tachy0n  +   867d ago


GTA Vita
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NewMonday  +   867d ago
Soul sacrifice is a more interesting Monster Hunter
NukaCola  +   867d ago

I would love two GTAs. A sequel the GTA Chinatown Wars with it's outstanding Wanted system, the touch based features, and the durg wars minigame. It was great.

Also, I think it would be good to get a Vita/PS3 connective game for GTA V by bringing us San Andreas Stories to coexist with it. Like the PSP games did and ACIII Liberation will do for Assassin's Creed III.
fei-hung  +   867d ago
Isn't Soul Sacrifice meant to be a bit like Monster Hunter? I agree with an original MGS game and KH, but I'd also like to see:

1) GoW title
2) new crazy 2D 3D platformer which isn't LBP. Wonder how a 2D/3D Ratchet game would work out?!
3) new arcade racer IP that is not open world
4) a TellTale type game that can take advantage of the Vita features
5) Streets of Rage type game
Tidybrutes  +   867d ago
A streets of rage type game could be a Yakuza vita game.. although the state of Sega recently its doubtful.
belac09  +   867d ago
well said my friend.
360ICE  +   867d ago
There's not really any point with this list. I think you really screwed it up, when you went for the obscure "A smash-hit new IP". Well, if you're not going to be specific and just wish for any game then here's my list:

1. Game that sells 200.000.000 Vitas and 203.000.000 copies
2. Game that brings peace to the middle east
3. Awesome new IP that makes the world a better place.
4. Game that ends starvation and global warming
5. Gravity Rush 2

Ok, maybe I'm being a little unfair here, but I really feel like this list has no real criteria or point to it. Why does this list exist? Would be the thematical question of this intervention.
Pillsbury1  +   867d ago
Definitely a new MGS and a original GTA would be amazing, not ports please.
IHateYouFanboys  +   867d ago
my list would be:

1-5: games that arent watered down ports of console games and are new franchises that are made for a portable experience. if its got a name like "game x Vita" then just go ahead and scrap it. no vita versions of existing games please.
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George Sears  +   867d ago
I still want some Okami love for the damn thing.
dboyman  +   867d ago
I second that. Okami would be great on the vita
Exceed  +   867d ago
Honestly, I can't say I would look forward to any of the games the article lists. Though I agree the Vita needs a game which defines it. Tearaway seems to be one such possibility, but I can't help but question it's replayability at the moment (Not to mention the fact that it might be passed over as a kiddy game).

That aside, the one game that I personally look forward to on a vita console has to be a God Eater/Monster Hunter/Phantasy Star type game. Ragnorak Odyssey is a close fit, but... it just doesn't give me the same joy I got from the other three. I can't quite put my finger on why though.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   867d ago
Gravity Rush. Play it. Love it.
Exceed  +   867d ago
Lol, I've already platinumed it. The game is definitely a gem.
MacUser1986  +   867d ago
Infamous Vita

Maximo Vita

Folklore Vita

Gran Turismo Vita

Metal Gear Solid Vita
r21  +   867d ago
I still dont see how Folklore vita would work. On the ps3, you had to shake the ps3 controller rapidly. It worked well cause the screen was separated from the controller UNLIKE the vita which is basically a controller with a screen.

Im not saying I dont want another folklore, just saying it might not work well on the vita.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   867d ago
Borderlands 2
inFamous (Either or a new one)
New Gran Turismo
Infected 2 (Original was a TOTALLY underrated PSP title)
A port of Beyond: Two Souls wouldn't hurt, either. Perhaps interactions between both versions?
A good FPS (It looks like Killzone: Mercenary will fix that.)
Another Uncharted would be great, like they said in the article.
The same goes for Fallout, Yes, please! Even a port of 3 would be fantastic!

New IP?

Gravity Rush is still my GOTY, so far. ^_^ Also, Tear Away looks incredible!!!
GreenRanger  +   867d ago
I'd like to see an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game on the Vita.
g-nome  +   867d ago
Demons Souls or Dark Souls type would be quite nice.
abzdine  +   867d ago
i want Street Fighter Alpha 3 HD. Best Street Fighter in the series.

Daxter and Crisis Core HD would be nice too.
supremacy  +   867d ago
Honestly that list isnt half bad,but could better. I mean why 5 games and not 10 or 20? I can easily think of 20 games that could and should benefit the vita greatly.

1.Monster hunter
2.Kindom hearts
3.Grand theft auto
4.Metal gear solid

6.Resident evil
7.Final fantasy
9.Grand turismo
10.Street fighter
12.God of war
15.Ratchet and clank
16.Wild arms
20.World of warcraft

But in my personal opinion i think Sony should build a small studio to work on ps2 remasters for a good portion of the best ps2 games. Personally, i would focus on bringing the top 25 ps2rpgs to the vita remastered in hd with trophies that alone should help. ill provide a link to a rated list of ps2rpgs next time, since i cant seem to do that from my vita.
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Andrespetmonkey  +   867d ago
I could think of a lot more too, but who honestly is gonna read through a list of 20 games? lol. It wouldn't be worth the time I put into it, and these 5 are the 5 I most want to see.
GhostHero333  +   867d ago
1. Borderlands
2. Minecraft
4. Skyrim
5. A better Call of Duty
topekomsi  +   866d ago
Good list, i think minecraft would do so good on vita. \
The call of duty one made me laugh. Hopefully the next Call of Duty (after decrapified) will actually be made by a real CoD dev, so their pride is at stake.
Rivitur  +   867d ago
Need Fat Princess or else....
topekomsi  +   866d ago
I would love a wonderful smooth FPS with atleast 6v6 multiplayer on the vita (i think killzone needs to hurry). Also more games like escape plan, that was pure genius.

If they make another Uncharted, please include multiplayer, or at the very least co-op.
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