Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition PC - 60FPS Unlocker Released - Alpha Version

DSOGaming writes: "We seriously don't know whether we should be happy that there are dedicated modders, willing to go the extra mile and fix From Software's action RPG, or not. But this is a good thing, so let's be positive on that, shall we? Following Durante's fix for the game's resolution, modder 'Nwks' has released a 60fps mod for Dark Souls PC. As its title suggests, this mod unlocks the game's framerate and is currently in alpha phase."

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wishingW3L2284d ago

now *** just got real! ;D

guitarded772284d ago

I'd like to see a video of this if anyone has one. Just for my personal gratification.

ab5olut10n2284d ago

yeah, would like to see this in action. i bet it's gorgeous.

Megaton2284d ago

All hail the master race for fixing and making major developers' games even better.

SaffronCurse2284d ago

Can't really blame the devs, they stated that they don't have much pc knowledge and that it will be a direct console port.

Megaton2284d ago

Sounds like they just chose to undertake a job without all the tools they needed. If they couldn't afford to hire any competent PC devs, they could have just posted a request for volunteers on a forum like NeoGaf or something. I'm sure these people would have helped them pre-launch.

vortis2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Megaton is right.

On the day the game released there were patches for it from the community. If they really lacked the skill they should have asked for volunteers to help them to get the game running right.

iamgoatman2284d ago

Didn't stop them from selling it at full price though.

DigitalAnalog2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Why not? People tend to forget that while FROM did greenlight the PC port thanks to online petition, there was ALSO the 1080p/60fps non GFWL outcry as well. It's simply incompetence on their part. I would bet you it wouldn't cost that much to outsource to any PC dev studio to do the porting if what a few modders could do having no actual dev tools in a few months.

The fact that slowly and slowly the game is shaping out to be what the PC community originally wanted for free only makes FROM/Namco look more guilty. You would at least think they would come out and have a public appreciation to what they've done.

Somebody2284d ago

CDP never have any experience in making console games and yet they made a pretty damn good port of The Witcher 2 for X Box 360. For a studio that started out translating languages in games and have developed only two games, that's a pretty amazing feat.

FEARprototype2283d ago

iamgoatman"Didn't stop them from selling it at full price though. "

what are you talking about? please research your fact before you u talk like its fact.
dark souls goes for approximately 40$ and i think its 29 euro but the people who are getting screwed are Australians, cost more the 69$ dollars.

don't forget that dark souls prepare to die edition has extra content.

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Plagasx2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Now this, THIS is why I love PC gaming. :)

kostchtchie_2284d ago

so true, big respect to all people that do modding in PC community on our games

ninjahunter2284d ago

Mod community, Fixing broken games since before you were a gamer.