Dead Space - CVG Hands-on

Survival Horror press events are as predictable as sunrise. A handful of journalists are huddled into a bus, then taken to a 'secret' location. There after they'll ride a 'spooky' dark elevator down to a shady basement, full of PR execs dressed as spacemen and grating that looks like it's been ripped straight off the GamesMaster set.

With its first foray into the genre, Dead Space, EA has thankfully noticed that survival horror games are getting a bit by-the-numbers.

OK, it's not exactly going to re-write the genre with a spaceman shooting hordes of hideous alien critters, but on actually playing it CVG was please to discover it's shaking things up in more ways than one.

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Rhezin3697d ago

they're trying to do the whole, "The Thing" movie, directed by John Carpenter, with the aliens being deformed like that. IM SO DOWN.