Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review - Glitch Cat

Glitch Cat - Overall, CO:OS is a return to form for the famed first-person shooter franchise. It effectively brings the franchise’s great gameplay to new video game consoles and a lot of new, first-time players. Although the title may suffer a tad from outdated gameplay controls and occasionally problematic matchmaking, the game is as solid as ever, and that’s a good thing.

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Tokyo_reject2278d ago

i got it both on the 360 and PC....but i would love it you could hook up your mouse and keyboard to it on the 360....the 360 ver would be perfect then

BattleAxe2278d ago

Does the PS3 have Steamworks integration?

makemyteapunk2278d ago

It was a good game, for about a week. Then it got old very, very fast. Arms race is a mess and demolition gets very repetitive. In the tactical modes you just feel like you're doing the same thing over and over. Going to the same alleyway, waiting for them to pop their heads out etc. etc.

Im not a COD fan, pretty much hate the game, but I would say S&D mode in COD is much better that what CS:CO has to offer.

Am i missing something?

Dojan1232278d ago

Agree, I am waiting for the mods to take this to the next level (pc).