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Amazing games at amazing prices

It's always great finding a bargain! We've listed a few games that no gamer should miss, all that are very, very cheap! (PS3, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   980d ago
Some good games on this list

Enslaved: Odyssey to the west
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toxic-inferno  +   980d ago
Bioshock is certainly the highlight of this list, for me anyway. Honestly one of the best game's I've ever played, and I bought it for next to nothing!
FarCryLover182  +   980d ago
It is pretty good, but if it's one of the best games that you've ever played, I bet you wish that you got it when it came out in 2007 and paid full price instead of waiting a few years...if you did get it for almost next to nothing.
cruxito  +   980d ago
Bioshock was a big Sleeper for me, i was so immersed in the world of Rapture, i really loved that game. Vanquish maaan people complaing about not new IP but then when somehting comes out people jsut dont buy it, vanquish was fun.
Irishguy95  +   980d ago
Vanquish was awesome, i'm glad MGRising is bringing back some things I loved about it.
toxic-inferno  +   979d ago
@ FarCryLover182

Oddly enough, I didn't choose to wait a few years in the hope of it coming down in price. I was really put off by the demo at release (it doesn't really give you an idea of the story, which is key to Bioshock, nor does it let you really experiment with combat methods), and so didn't bother with the game until about 18 months ago.
pixelsword  +   980d ago
Vanquish was pretty good, I like how you could slide for a jillion miles for some reason.
Relientk77  +   980d ago
Yea the game had some really cool stuff
Welshy  +   980d ago
I know it's not on the list, but i picked up Dark Sector for £6 at the weekend, and man do i love that game.

I remember when it first came out, i took a chance on it and just bought it off the shelf without knowing anything about it, was totally blown away.

I love finding great title you sold/never got round to for dirt cheap and just have a blast.

A part of me thinks gaming that way all the time would be great, pay hardly any money and don't suffer any disappointment from hype that often builds too much on a title at first release then let's you down.
NastyLeftHook0  +   980d ago
Vanquish is so underrated!
cruxito  +   980d ago
yuuuup, it has a good campaign, worth every penny i paid for it. I mean Dantes Inferno was a mess to begin with, and sold 5 times the amount that shouldnt have had. DMC4 terrible game but sells proved otherwise that it was good entry lol.
showtimefolks  +   979d ago

All 3 must play for all gamers

Not sure about Dante inferno heard it has a lot of camera issues for anyone that has played it could you please give quick yes or not and why to play or not to play

Thanks I don't trust reviewers so fellow gamers to rescue
Laxman  +   979d ago
Id say yes for Dante's Inferno.

It has a pretty great storyline if you're interested in the whole heaven/hell thing, and the enemey and Hell desings are awesome! Some of the demons are wonderfully realised.

Good combat if you dont mind button mashing (similar to God of War, DMC etc.).

Very mature game, in essentially every sense.

Its not game changing for the genre, but its definitely entertaining and memorable.
showtimefolks  +   979d ago
Thank you will pick it up soon
Kurt Russell  +   979d ago
Dantes is a fun hack and slash romp. Excellent combat, but not the most replayable game.
Lovable  +   979d ago
Rainbow Moon! People this is ONLY $15 dollars, but it beats any of those $60 dollars game. This is an amazing game!!!
stuntman_mike  +   979d ago

those 3 are some of my favorite games too,
I thought Enslaved was awesome and love vanquish. bioshocks atmosphere was awesome too and the design of the city was excellent cant wait for infinite.
Relientk77  +   979d ago
Bioshock Infinite looks awesome
prototypeknuckles  +   980d ago
These are all good games(except for enslaved), and theryer dirt cheap
Laxman  +   979d ago
Enslaved is one of the very best on the list.
j-blaze  +   979d ago
agreed enslaved was trash...a bought it because of the cinematics and characters as the reviews described them to be FREAKING AMMMAZING!!1!.. guess what? they were terrible, not to mention the game has other problems like frame rate, screen tearing, automatic climbing with very clunky and simplistic combat and after you finish the 6hrs game "god that stupid ending -_-" you will never go back to replay again.... the list imo should be like this:
Resonance of Fate
Shadows of The Damned

these are a must play for all gamers!
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Godmars290  +   980d ago
Thing is the reason they're at amazing prices is because they didn't get the reception - the initial sales - which they probably deserved.

Except maybe for Bioshock.
Roccetarius  +   980d ago
Well, Enslaved got the sales it deserved.
Godmars290  +   979d ago
I don't think it was a bad game persay, but more and more I'm of the opinion that Team Ninja has too much of an ego. Even with Heavenly Sword they weren't simply making a game but changing how they'd be made. It was the same with Enslaved and we're seeing it yet again with DmC.

They really need to learn some humility and stop thinking they're all that, because they're not.
Rip-Ridah  +   979d ago

Just so we're clear, Team Ninja is the development team behind the Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive series. Ninja Theory is responsible for the 2007 Heavenly Sword & more recent Enslaved games. I know, I know...Ninjas everywhere these days!
Nercay  +   980d ago
@Godmars290 That's true, it's sad that these games didn't get the sales they deserved but i guess that will always be the case with games! :(
wishingW3L  +   980d ago
if only Vanquish would have been 60 frames the slow-mo effect would have looked way cooler. ;(
pixelsword  +   980d ago
Matrix effect. Very nice.

Ratchet and Clank and Resistance 1 & 2 had a 60fps slowdown (clank + Deadeye hyperfocus) and it was beautiful.
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ElasticLove  +   980d ago
I really tried to like Enslaved, but the game is just bland to me. Yeah the story was decent, but everything else was very lackluster. Gameplay was boring, the characters were uninteresting, environments in the game was just plain ugly, and the enemy ai even on high difficulty was a piece of cake. Like I said before I really wanted to like Enslaved, but it just didn't click for me.

Other than that, great list of games.
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pixelsword  +   980d ago
I'm glad this game is for sale at a low price and I will probably get it now. I do love the fact that they focus on gameplay and story instead of multiplayer because I don't think some games should have multiplayer. I don't know the story of Enslaved, but I do trust that the story will be one that I will enjoy.

Ninja Theory earned my respect with Heavenly Sword and I know they are competent developers. Having said that, I just didn't believe they could make a game that look and preform worse than a game they had out previously, but in my likely worthless opinion they did.

I don't know why they used the Unreal engine instead of their own custom engine like they did for Heavenly Sword. Their work in Enslaved did not hold a candle to Heavenly Sword. I was very excited for Enslaved up until I finished the demo and then I just shook my head and deleted the file. My relative that was there with me didn't even want to try the demo, if memory serves.

Enslaved was so underwhelming compared to Heavenly Sword I wondered why did they even put that out knowing how it looked and how did they think people who played or seen the first game will react to their second one positively?

Yeah, yeah; the gameplay is the principal thing when it comes to games, but even that wasn't challenging. when you were on the flying vehicle, you could not fall off, so there was no challenge there. There weren't any advanced tricks to learn, unlike Heavenly Sword, plus the variety was limited (Heavenly Sword had an almost endless variety of combo variants).

I didn't have to want to like Enslaved: Since Ninja Theory made it, I already loved it before I played the demo. They made me fall out of love for the game. That's hard for me to do. Even when Halo ODST was a big disappointment for me, there was still enough "Bungie" in it to make me like the game overall.

I'm still looking forward to DmC because I know that Ninja Theory can make very intricate and beautiful games with engaging characters and gripping storylines; but I hate to admit that Enslaved did not appear to be one of them.

Hopefully I'm wrong and this game will change my mind.
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neilmar420  +   980d ago
i agree 100% i heard it was an easy platinum but i just couldnt take it. it was soooooo boring!
RustedMan  +   980d ago
characters were uninteresting? environments were ugly?
what game were -you- playing?

The very reason why I enjoyed Enslaved's brilliantly realized world is -because- of the refreshing level design and (gasp!) colorful world.

how is Andy Serkis as Monkey uninteresting?
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beerkeg  +   979d ago
I thought Enslaved was a good game, but for me it was let down by the terrible frame rate. It's something that really gets on my nerves with games, if it's just once in a while I don't mind it too much but with Enslaved it was pretty consistent.

I never did finish it.
Lord_Sloth  +   980d ago
I was going to check out Enslaved, but then they announced DmC.
Snookies12  +   980d ago
LOL! Ehh though, I tried Enslaved and it wasn't anything special from what I could tell. Kinda fun, but not something I'd buy. DmC only cemented that reasoning for me. NT will never get any of my money.
-MD-  +   980d ago
I loved Enslaved.
jsslifelike  +   980d ago
Agreed. Enslaved is one of the best unsung gems of this generation.
DeusExer  +   980d ago
Good for all us fans of Monkey Magic out there!
nevin1  +   980d ago
"The gameplay is very similar to the God of War franchise but it’s a thousand times more gruesome and weird"

Is that true? more gruesome than GOW?
Cajun Chicken  +   980d ago
It's basically GoW2.5. It sits next to the GoW games in my collection. Really hope we get a sequel one day.

And yes. It's a lot more...adult. Especially in the circle of Lust.
TheRichterBelmont  +   980d ago
Loved Nier and Enslaved. Good list.
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mt  +   980d ago
the first time I saw the thumbnail I saw nariko. =)
tweet75  +   980d ago
you can save an immense amount of money if your gaming is 6 months behind. alot of great games drop 50 percent or more after about 6 months or less.
DivineAssault  +   980d ago
Bargain Bin Banishment.. They all suck & hold no value
TheRacingX  +   980d ago
too busy with Kinect adventures??
DivineAssault  +   980d ago
lol kinect games hold just as little to no value as these
NeoTribe  +   980d ago
Enslaved was complete trash that deserved to fail and bankrupt the company. Anyone who thinks enslaved is good must not play many good games and def has not played uncharted. Play uncharted series than go play enslaved.
ZoyosJD  +   979d ago
I've played both. Both have colorful, wide variety of environments and great voice acting. Enslaved's story has better premise, but Uncharted has better execution. Uncharted has a edge in climbing and gameplay mechanics.

Yeah, Uncharted was better, but in the opinion of myself and many others the uncharted series had the best game in the last decade.

Is it fair to compare Enslaved to Game of the Decade material?

If Uncharted is just a "good" game you don't know what a bad game is.
Camb31691  +   980d ago
@NeoTribe: I only disagreed because I literally started playing Enslaved yesterday and while I feel it has weird pacing. It is not "trash." I've had a lot of fun with it. Though I do agree that it borrowed a lot of elements from Uncharted. Uncharted series is amazing, but when I play Enslaved, it's the story. It's not the best game ever made but, it isn't trash.
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Roccetarius  +   980d ago
Enslaved's story was not really anything special. It was a dumbed down version of another (better) story.

The combat wasn't great either.
TheLastGuardian  +   980d ago
I've been buying games like crazy the past few months. Over 35 games and a PS Vita. Just recently I bought Demon's Souls, Fallout 3, BattlField: BC, Bayonetta, Singularity, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Mortal Kombat Vita, Dirt 3, Skate 3, BulletStorm, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Rayman Origins (an extra copy to keep sealed), Child of Eden and Heavenly Sword all at super low prices. My backlog is enormous.
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Silly gameAr  +   979d ago
Damn, I already have those.
Nercay  +   979d ago
At least you haven't missed out ha-ha! We'll be writing another list at some point in the future too. It's crazy that Enslaved has such a divide in people that like it and that don't!
Dark_Overlord  +   979d ago
Does that mean you're the author of the article?

If so, one suggestion I'd make for improvement, is to provide a link to an online retailer with a decent price tag :) Then if people are interested they won't have to scour websites for the best price :)

P.S wheres Deus Ex HR? That games very cheap everywhere :D
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optimus  +   979d ago
I really don't get the appeal of bioshock, i found the game slow and boring. Out of all the weapons they give you i found myself using 3 regularly. One of the worst games of the year for me. I didn't even bother with 2.
kma2k  +   979d ago
If you stuck with Bioshock you were rewarded, the story is what sticks out in that game. Honestly Bioshock 2 wasnt very good you didnt miss out on anything there really.
optimus  +   979d ago
I did stick with it, i played the good guy roll and all i can remember from the ending (spoiler) is all the little girls coming back to help...i couldn't really get into the story as a lot of it required you to listen to the audio which tend to be loong clips. So it's hard to listen to those while you're being attacked and all kinds of noises are happening...

Sure i can go back and listen to the tapes through the menu to try to make sense of it, but that meant making an already long and boring game even longer and more boring...needless to say it didn't leave me with much of an incentive to play it again for the 2nd ending.
kma2k  +   979d ago
Thats funny ive actually played all of the, & have to agree they are all good games!
gamebizwire1234  +   979d ago
Goodjob adding Nier!
ziggurcat  +   979d ago
i really enjoyed enslaved... it's sad that more people didn't buy this game.
Kos-Mos  +   979d ago
It`s so Amazing!

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