PC gaming just got f*cked up: Zeno Clash brings the creepy

Destructoid's Jim Sterling wants everybody reading this to watch the video:

"It will take just over a minute of your time. This is a game called Zeno Clash, which I had never heard of until now. Apparently, you play as Ghat, who uses a 'unique fighting system,' to explore Source-powered environments. It's being developed by ACE Team and will be released on PC.

Usually, we fluff up our video sharing posts with a little commentary on how good/bad the game looks, how we're 'intrigued' or will 'keep your posted,' or whatever. I'm not doing it this time. Just watch the video. All I will say is that I am prepared to do terrible things to play this."

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Silverwolf3818d ago

Wouldn't mind giving it a ride, as long as the b!tch doesn't require a Bentley.

JsonHenry3818d ago

^^ It uses the source (HL2) engine. I would imagine you could run it on a machine 2-3 years old with most (if not all) of the setting turned up.

i Shank u3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

being on the source engine is a sign that the game should run well on older and lower spec PC's. dunno about all the settings turned to max, but the mustangs of PC's should be able to run this fine

solar3818d ago


im guessing you mean high-powered pc? if so, its the Source engine, it which is an old system and if you have a fairly newer pc you wont have any problem.

and yes, it does sound and look very interesting. ill keep my eyes and ears open for this one.

meepmoopmeep3818d ago

i'd like to know more about the story as the video leaves you with curiostiy.

wageslave3818d ago

Good art direction, and it does look interesting. But, it seems to be a fist-fighting FPS... dont get me wrong, I do like an FPS, but I'd hope the story can match the quality of the Art.

f7ss13818d ago

for gods sake not another fps, cant developers think of anything other then a FPS??

i Shank u3818d ago

to be fair it looks alot more like oblivion then it does a typical FPS. i think this is good for the genre; games like this take the first person perspective and variate on it, resulting in the expanding and opening up of the genre, instead of being another game where you shoot the crap out of everything.

Fuzz McDeath3818d ago

...Destructiod calls this to our attention and claims to be willing to "do terrible things to play this" becasue its totally FECKED UP! That is a completely deranged looking game. And not weird like Silent Hill, like its intentional - more like patients at a mental institution designed it. that thing is just messed up looking - completely mental!

TheIneffableBob3818d ago

And that is awesome!
I love strange games like this!

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