A look at the graphics options for Borderlands 2 on PC

Several screenshots have popped up online for Borderlands 2, showcasing the graphics options for the PC version of the open-world cooperative role-playing game.

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BattleAxe2193d ago

Looking really good. Alot of people are going to like the FoV adjustment.

egidem2193d ago

I like what I'm seeing.

If I remember correctly, the first borderlands didn't have vsync. It's good to see a number of options available at least.

Megaton2193d ago

Good version looks good.

Somebody2193d ago

That's what I want to see in a PC game. Tons of options to fiddle with since different PCs have different performance.

2pacalypsenow2193d ago

I played the first on PS3 so im going to play this on PS3 too but damn i want to get it on pc too :-/

kingPoS2193d ago

It's always good to have options.

BrutallyBlunt2193d ago

The fact you got a disagree already for just saying it's good to have options shows how people here on N4G will disagree on ANYTHING.

The game looks amazing and the PC version looks to really take advantage of the hardware. Now watch as i get a disagree, lol.

kingPoS2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Logic or common sense aren't always used here at N4G

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