5 Amazing Game Creations We Could Really Use In Real Life

RipTen: We all love our iconic video game gizmos and gadgets. They are as real to us as the sheets we sleep on at night, unless of course some of us don’t have sheets or a even a bed, if that’s the case please pay no mind to my previous comment. I know not what I say. On with this list.

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Vivalajmax2197d ago

Been meaning to replace my old dinnerware, I've been lacking that sense of adventure while I eat. Hilarious piece.

Agent_00_Revan2196d ago

I expect to see a Kickstarter for that dinnerware by tomorrow at the latest. Sign me up!

PaladinXII2197d ago

I want to eat chicken on those dishes. Lol

Nostradavis2197d ago

Chicken? No no no my friend. That plate is meant for one thing and one thing only...BBQ Glazed Ganon Giblets! Eating anything else off of it would be uncivilized.

greeneggsnsam2197d ago

That's surely the worst thing to eat, unless you want to be killed by a mob of angry poultry.

CrzyFooL2197d ago

I could use a flamethrower irl

Nostradavis2197d ago

Not like you can't go buy it. It already exists. Now try to go out and by a portal gun for your car.

FrankDaTank2197d ago

I still agree with the flamethrower. I could really used one of those on my next camping trip.

thwolf942197d ago

The most waste of time article I have ever read on N4G.

PaladinXII2197d ago

Really? Your first time here then?

Nostradavis2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

My guess is you also think that vinegar tastes sweet. Get your senses checked out.

P.S. Your ancient "Todd Howard 14 Minute Interview" deserved a Pulitzer Prize...yawn.