This is Vegas! Or The Sims for lads

By Mike Jackson:

This is Vegas is a new open world game headed for PS3, 360 and PC in winter this year.

Midway describes the game as a "lifestyle action experience, where players will live out their Vegas fantasies by fighting, gambling, driving and partying their way through the most decadent, fast-paced and wildest city in the world." Sounds like a meatier version of The Sims - "one we'd actually play".

"When a powerful businessman begins turning Vegas into a family-friendly tourist trap, you must start your own powerful empire and resurrect the famous adult playground," explains Midway.

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MK_Red3762d ago

1.Awesome article title and "a meatier version of The Sims - "one we'd actually play"."... QFTW.

2.Wow at number of alt sources added.

The Milkman3762d ago

Im going to have to see more from this game to look forward to it. I guess Ill have to wait until I see some gameplay.