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AIndoria2284d ago

If only vita wasn't so expensive where I live...

AIndoria2284d ago

549 US$. Surprise, disagreeers? :P

tachy0n2284d ago

idk why people disagree with you, in countries like mexico the 3G PSVita cost around $500 USD.

SAE2284d ago

lol , i bought the vita but i don't have money to buy games for it >.<

even if i got money i won't buy games for it because next month/november these games will release

resident evil 6
medal of honor ( i like how it looks but i think i won't buy it because it always makes me feel bad when i play the campaign )
need for speed
assassin creed 3

call of duty black ops 2


tachy0n2283d ago

expect another Wipeout game!!!!!

the wipeout 2048 official Facebook page just posted this:



pangitkqb2284d ago

I would love a Vita, but my wallet is a little light to pick one up right now.

PirateThom2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

It bothers me that PS1 is considered "retro". Makes me feel old... the thing is 18 years old and that just doesn't seem right...

morganfell2284d ago

I agree with what you are saying. I was playing Soul Reaver (not officially supported but works great on the Vita with super control) this afternoon laying on the couch and nothing felt retro to me.

SAE2284d ago

what do oyu mean of 'not officially' :)

Kurt Russell2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@IDeath480 - Unofficially recognised :D

MattyG2284d ago

That was my first console (I'm 16) and i still don't consider it retro. NES and SNES is retro.

PirateThom2284d ago

NES was mine... I still have trouble accepting SNES as retro sometimes.

When I think of retro I think Atari, mostly.

Damn my age.

guitarded772284d ago

@ PirateThom

Well, it's a hell of a bitter pill to swallow, but it is what it is. I listen to the classic rock station while I'm at work, and they play Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam... It breaks my heart, but I'm back in college getting another degree, and I'm technically old enough to be the parent of a freshmen. I don't consider PS1 retro, but I can see why some of the youngsters do.

prototypeknuckles2284d ago

Heck I feel old with the retro statement, and i just turned 17 2 weeks ago

Sheikh Yerbouti2282d ago

The older you get the shorter your life will seem to be.

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jujubee882284d ago

I think the bundles would be a good offer.

-Free game (LBP, or COD, or AssCreed: Liberation, or, PSABR, etc)

-Free Memory Card (I forget the size but it's a few GB)

... If you get the AssCreed: Liberation, that alone I think is worth the $250 and it still comes with the game. I just checked on the Sony store and it DOES NOT comes with a memory card (which seems like a jip). But, I suspect the memory cards might have a price cut sometime soon during the holidays (fingers crossed).

Pillsbury12284d ago

Sony just needs to be smarter and not overcharge for something that can be purchased a lot cheaper.

jujubee882284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I agree.

Srsly, there are a few things I am questioning why SCE and Sony are not being so open about their motivation. But, as I look across the industry, I realize that there are a lot of administrative bullcrap each company has (not saying any of it is right, just that I see it).

I would be okay with any behind the scenes stuff (esp now leading up to a new console gen) as long as SCE hire great people and have a consistent, company wide outlook of doing what they do to entertain peoples imaginations.

That being said, I look forward to what the future holds for Playstation and Sony. Financially, it can only get better for the company. I worry about their marketing of goods/services to consumers (I think anyone can tell that their marketing ppl do not talk to their engineers, devs, and people making this cool stuff).

Pillsbury12284d ago

The content for vita is ever so slowly trickling out, guess I'll have to suffice playing the classics!

MattyG2284d ago

If youre waiting on good vita games, pick up LPB Vita. Best vita game so far.

Pillsbury12284d ago

Already got lbp 2 on ps plus for free :)

dragon822284d ago

LBP Vita is essentially LBP 3. Thats how good it is. All Vita owners should pick this game up.

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