Pikmin Adventure has violence, surprise poops | Destructoid

Destructoid: "Nintendo Land: Pikmin Adventure was surprising. As a huge fan of the two main series Pikmin games, I thought I knew what to expect out of this arcade-style romp. Boy was I wrong. Pikmin Advenuture is pretty much non-stop violence. Waves of enemies are broken up by a few environmental hazards, puzzles, and pick-ups, but for the most part, this is a game about breaking stuff and absolutely demolishing those carnivorous bastards who would dare to treat you like foodstuff."

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claud31911d ago

Thats good news. Loved the two games before it and will love this one

TripC501911d ago

"He pooped my buddy! He made my buddy into a poop buddy!"

BlueandRed1911d ago

There is nothinh like a good dump :D

Kennytaur1911d ago

This makes me want a Wii U more than any of the other games, and I'm not just talking about the ones in Nintendoland.

hano1911d ago

Looks like a really good local coop game and we know we need those.

But honestly, doesn't look like a good game if not for the coop, don't know what he's excited about.