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EuroGamer Sweden: "LittleBigPlanet Vita is in itself a reason to buy a PS Vita - it's that good! The only obstacle on the way to complete success is whether Sony has managed to sell enough systems to make it a super hit among gamers."

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GribbleGrunger2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yet another fantastic review and score!

Many have said that this game could be the Vita's killer App... Well I agree but probably for different reasons. Yes, it IS the Vita's killer App, but not in terms of pushing Vita sales. It's just the best game to appear on the Vita yet.

I can see it creating a spike or two but nothing on the levels you would see with Monster Hunter for instance. It may help sustain a new average as more and more people get to see the community improve over time, if those that own the game show it off to others of course.

This is a game that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. The best in the series? By a LONG way!

fredrikpedersen2279d ago

I'm getting a copy for myself and I'll give my sister a Vita for christmas (she loves LBP!)

shammgod2278d ago

Wish they bundled this with a vita. I am wanting to buy one especially for LBPV, but may wait for the assassins creed bundle. The white vita looks sick!

kopicha2278d ago

not sure about where you are talking about. but i know in asia there is a bundled version of LBPV. Came with some LBP theme carrying case, game carrying case and etc. however its the black version only. and i think only bundled with the wifi model