XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hands-On Preview | Multiplayer Mutons [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: I'm playing a game with the phrase XCOM in the title and there's an Xbox 360 controller in my hands. That's not right. Strategy games don't work on consoles, at least not with any particular amount of depth. The phrase 'console strategy game' is something of an oxymoron, surely?

Well it rather depends in what context one is using the term 'strategy game'. For starters, turn-based strategy has been doing absolutely fine on platforms other than the PC, thankyouverymuch, and we've come a long way since UFO: Enemy Unknown back in 1994. That it's been nearly two decades since the original PC classic is absolutely crucial. This is not a remake, that cannot be stressed enough. The original is available on Steam right now, and it's still very much a cracking game - but it's also most definitely a game of its time. Firaxis, then, have eschewed the straightforward remake, instead breaking the structure of the game down into component parts, polishing them up, throwing away...

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batterystrength2252d ago

Sounds great. I only recently found out about the original. How could I have missed such a great game? Can't wait for this.

Psychonaughty2252d ago

I'm the same, but back then my tastes were shall we say a little more shallow. I was more into Sonic and action games, this looks like it's right up my street now though, already pre-purchased on steam ;)

ravinash2252d ago

I remember playing this back in the day.
I may have to pick this one up, as I never did get to the end of it.