Black Ops 2 Zombies have own campaign, included in multiplayer writes, "While Activision and Treyarch have revealed quite a few details on the competitive or more traditional multiplayer, fans have essentially been foaming at the mouth for information on the beloved Zombies mode. While there hasn’t been an information blowout on the mode just yet, though we’d expect it in a few weeks, we’ve discovered something interesting today."

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MattyG2279d ago

An OPTION? It's kinda unclear whether or not this will be a separate campaign or maybe just added into the SP campaign. I might be wrong, it just seems kind of ambiguous.

Knight_Crawler2278d ago

I think its safe to say that it will not be part of the SP campaign - Activion wants yo promote COD as a realistic war sim game and adding zombies would make it unreal.

Hufandpuf2278d ago

the fact that you can see and shoot through walls and command drones that hover 3 feet in the air and still shoot hellfire missiles is what makes COD so realistic. Adding zombies would just ruin the authenticity.

Bob Dole2278d ago


Play ARMA II then tell us how realistic COD is.

MattyG2278d ago

He was being sarcastic. I hope you are too :/

TrevorPhillips2279d ago

In my opinion, I reckon this will be the greatest COD game if not, one of the greatest since COD4, WAW and BO. Please don't hate me, I'm just being honest here :)

CerebralAssassin2279d ago

Well ya of course it will be. It gets better every year. I actually separate the MW series from treyarch games. MW series does a great job at making a very solid game. They don't really have the creativity that treyarch comes up with but their game is about as solid as any other games being released. IW peaked at COD4 and everyone knows it.

Every MW game after it basically perfected what was already there. MW3 is the best it will get for MW. at least Treyarch creates new ideas for the game. Whether everyone likes it or not they are trying new things to make as many people happy as possible. Up until now IW was the #1 developer though.

WaW was CoD4 reskined. And BO had great ideas And was great at launch but was gutted with updated and nerfed weapons and it died a painful death. IMO. I recently played it and was quickly reminded why I stopped playing it. Nothing like dropping half a clip into someone's Chest only for 4/15 bullets to register.

I think treyarch will take over with BO2. In a perfect world, treyarch would come up with the ideas and IW would program the game itself.

2279d ago
CerebralAssassin2278d ago

I don't know Marcus. Maybe we have different experiences. I don't seem to have that same lag issue as you. Not anything that doesn't already happen in any other CoD game anyway. And killstreaks I feel haven't been this balanced since Cod4 and WaW. I think the map designs are fine. Better then BO anyway. Felt very balanced. I don't seem to have the same issues with MW3 as everyone else I guess. Most complete game in the series for me in terms of content, support, updates, map design, and fluidity. I still think BO2 will do thing though. But with more creativity.

antz11042278d ago

MW2 was far and away better than 3, but BLOPS is still my favorite. Im hopeful for this title.

SAE2279d ago

i prefer these :

the others only getting worst for me , everything made to make me mad , the respawn/lag/maps... etc

Vettur2278d ago

I don't think it will be able to beat COD4. It might become a great game though. I hope so at least.

Vladplaya2278d ago

I tell you what it is going to be. Same shit different day... That's what its going to be.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing2279d ago

i feel like black ops 2 will either make or brake the COD franchise MW3 was a disappointment to many the original black ops was a good game but if it wasn't for the zombie mode black ops woulda just be another COD game, they nothing like the 1st 2 MW they did a great job with the maps but now the maps are so huge sometimes it take you a forever to find somebody.

SAE2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

i don't think the maps size matter , it's just the respawn that need to be fixed so you could see them and take advantage of all the space of the map ...

they make some people respawn near you or at bad places that you never expect to see them , you either run a lot or don't run , thats what happening in mw3

they just need to make it more like cod 4 , if your team respawn up the enemy should be down , that surprise way doesn't give challenge or anything , it just annoy us , sometimes i feel like i died befor i even respawn..

and the lag thing makes this worst , it's like programed to kill then die kill then die kill die.....etc

We agree with you :) , i love battlefield too and i played all the games you mention , but that doesn't mean that call of duty is a bad game , if you play cod 4 you will remember how good it was , if you play waw campaign you will see the challenge and the fun even if you play it 10 times ...

BattleAxe2279d ago

They should start coming out with a stand alone zombie game. I love zombie co-op, but I could care less about the new CoD game.

TheFallenAngel2278d ago

Left 4 dead is no where close as fun as cod zombies. I made the mistake of buying left 4 dead 2. Boring and crappy graphics.

ShinraE52278d ago

If they had a zombies game on XBLA or PSN, I think it would sell well. I dont like CoD much but the zombies mode is very fun. I'd love to see it be on its own.

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