Gamedaily: Boom Blox Exclusive Trailer

Gamedaily presents the first footage of the family-friendly game imagined by film director and producer, Steven Spielberg.

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wohoo3458d ago

Well that's nice, a region locked trailer. (on GameDaily's site)

Cyrus3653458d ago

Are you serious? lol...

wiizy3458d ago

looks interesting... have to get more details

codenamelenny3458d ago

Looks like it could be fun.

ar3457d ago

Definitely want to test this.

MK_Red3457d ago

You're kidding, right?
Boom Blox does look cool but it is way different than LBP and even then, it's nowhere near as good as that soon to be classic.

ar3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I never said they where exactly alike. I said: "Looks like Wii's ANSWER to LBP".

And how you can judge two games that hasn't been released yet is beyond my understanding.

MK_Red3457d ago

How is this exclusive?
The trailer along with gameplay was posted yesterday in GameTrailers: