Sony PSP Overheats in Boy's Pocket writes:

"A Warner Middle School student was taken to the hospital today with burns after a portable video game system in his pocket overheated, fire officials say.

Farmington Hills firefighters were called to the school at about 8:30 a.m. The student, who is in the seventh grade, was treated at the school for burns to his leg and then transported to a hospital for further treatment."

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sak5003789d ago

I hope the pocket weren't too deep, lest his package or family jewels might become redundant.

zambrota3789d ago

even a sporadic incident has been made into a STORY

The poster is as anticipated --Mr Bloodmask

MikeGdaGod3789d ago

there's no way thats possible. i use my PSP everyday in my car and it never EVER gets hot or warm. sometimes its on for hours at a time.

this is BS

CAPS LOCK3789d ago

well thats really impossible...if the psp is on for a certain time it
goes on standby...I use the psp for long hours and I feel very little its almost impossible for the device to overheat, its probably a fake battery...

shotputking3789d ago

i was actually going to ask if other peoples' psps got hot... i've played mine for almost 3 hours in one sitting and it didn't heat up at all... i've only had it for about a month though, and it's a slim, so maybe the fat psps have an overheating problem.

Kyur4ThePain3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I have NO idea how a PSP would generate enough heat to cause burns.


I have both, and neither get warm, nevermind hot.

Counter_ACT3789d ago

Yeah, I thought that too but he might have had a faulty unit.

gta_cb3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

i have a PSP fat and the ONLY time it EVER gets WARM is when i have been using the wireless function for gaming or internet use and then i have to be using it for a llooonnggg time also it only gets warm on the bottom left where the thumb stick area is, no where else.

maybe he was caught smoking and quickly put it into his pocket causing the burn then blamed his PSP lol... i dunno but seriously i cant see this being true.

bohemian 233788d ago

Are you guys idiots ? I just have to ask because you both say "impossible". How is that impossibele ? Is it that unrealistic that a defective battery got through and it overheated ? I understand you like your particular hand held or console but when you lie to yourself to defend it that's just unbelievable. IT HAPPENED SO GET OVER IT. It must be nice being stupid cause the world would seem alot better place. Now I know how some of you have the gull to crawl out of bed everyday.

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Vanqu1sh3789d ago

important story, I was going to buy a PSP but probably wont now

shotputking3789d ago

are you serious? out of all the 10's of millions of psps, one has caused burns... i guess if that .00000002% chance of that happening to you is just too much, than it's best you just buy some books.

3789d ago
spasticjustice3789d ago

I like how words like Xbot are getting tossed around and no one seems to care anymore...what zone is this again?

Marceles3789d ago

Sounds like something bladestar would say

And it's not good in case you thought you were being clever...

Evil_K_6663789d ago

Dont let this BS article be some kind of Divine Revelation to not get a PSP. I work in a press office on the machines and have my PSP in my pocket listening to music and it has never gotten hot, or warm for that matter. Dont let this be the reason you missed out on the awesomeness that is the PSP.

SUP3R3788d ago

Please! That means you were never going to buy one don't try to make it sound like the PSP is a horrible handheld because it's a complete portable media center, nothing else comes close.
My PSP always stays at room temperature no matter how long I use it.
It had to be a faulty battery, probably a pandora gone wrong.

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BrianC62343789d ago

I'd say it happpens once. I've never heard of it before. One in several million, that isn't bad.

wageslave3788d ago

"A cautionary tale: PSP battery explodes during charging"

Leathersoup3789d ago

It's quite possible that it wasn't the PSP itself but the battery. If laptop batteries can overheat why couldn't a handheld battery?

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