GameAlmighty Burnout Paradise Review

GameAlmighty's Phillip Radke writes, "Overall though, this is a great racing experience for any fan of going fast. While this game is pretty shallow in terms of content, it still becomes a great pickup for some mindless fun and destruction. It may not be perfection, but it still is a Paradise."

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sak5003760d ago

More and more inclined to pick it up. Stil haven't done much justice to ME and PGR4 as i'm totally addicted to COD4 mp.

Milky3760d ago

i havent bought a game for a month so i will buy this on weekend.

sak5003760d ago

Did u buy COD4? Its addictive as hell online.

BLUR1113760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

hey joe get it... its a blast theres alot of cars u can unlock on the road and online its awesome, so fun ive also got it when it was first released and still havent got all the cars. by the way cod4 is freakn addictive as hell for sure