Halo 4 Charged Boltshot Insta-Kills

Two instant kills with a charged bolt shot during a game of capture the flag on Exile.

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Muffins12232280d ago

Seems over powered compared to the other hand guns.

MoreConsole2279d ago

That's what I thought at first, but it's pretty hard to land a direct hit with a charged boltshot. I've seen far more misses than hits.

Goldenslaya2279d ago

These forerunner weapons dnt mess around o_O

robavila952279d ago

Both enemy players had already taken damage before they were shot with the Boltshot, so I don't think it's instakill.

Red952279d ago

I don't think it's insta-kill. The first clip, the guy just got highjacked, so his shields were down. In the second clip, he was already taking damage, so he didn't have full health.

I'd probably guess it's just like a bit stronger Plasma Pistol. Then again, I might be wrong, and it could be an insta-kill. In which case, it's way overpowered.