Headshot to the Heart: Multiplayer Achievements / Trophies

TheScrubDaily:"The scenario: Multiplayer is being more forced into mainstream gaming every day. And with publishers forcing developers to take time out of their schedule to enable online multiplayer access, gamers wind up with more watered down games or abrupt endings. Giving a game “infinite replayability” via online multiplayer doesn’t necessarily work because not all gamers want this, and yet all gamers have to put up with it in the current climate of the industry. Some servers shut down, and without the ability for dedicated servers to be run on consoles, several games leave you unable to go back later. It still breaks my heart to know the option to log into Metal Gear Online has been taken out of my copy of MGS4 since those servers shut down. What if I wanted to keep decorating my characters with new gear, or maybe go up against bots? Maybe me and some friends want to host a server and play against each other?

I spent a lot of time leveling up my character, named Brock Samson, in only melee and knife skills. Now I can’t show him off to other people who would get the reference. Tirade aside, we’re not here to discuss multiplayer as it affects our medium… yet. We’re here to discuss how multiplayer has affected our ability to unlock achievements and earn trophies."

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