GamingTrend: Guild Wars 2 Review

GamingTrend: I’ll start off with an admission – I played the original Guild Wars for all of about 5 hours. Frankly I just didn’t have a lot of time and for whatever reason the game didn’t click with me. When Guild Wars 2 was announced in March of 2007 I really didn’t pay it any mind. When the first trailer hit in 2009 I raised an eyebrow, but know that most MMOs are heavy on promise and light on delivery. It wasn’t until a few more videos showed us exactly what Arenanet was doing differently that I began to take notice. While this review will be as comprehensive as I can be, Guild Wars 2 will take some time to fully explore. I’ve co-authored this review with Victor Grunn who will be tackling the PvP elements of the game, while I handle PvE and the game mechanics. Let’s return to the world of Tyria and experience something completely different.

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