15 baffling Street Fighter II mysteries

The Street Fighter series has been around for 25 years, and Street Fighter II (all versions of it) is responsible for most of the franchise’s success. It got everything right: balanced gameplay, interesting characters, detailed visuals, and tons of replay value.

But 21 years after its release, fighting fans still find themselves scratching their heads over certain aspects of the game that don’t make much sense.

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NagaSotuva2279d ago

Blanka has his mom's legcuffs and his dad's electric personality.

acronkyoung2279d ago

They should make a show on the History Channel about stuff like this. It'd be about as historically accurate as Ancient Aliens is.

cr33ping_death2279d ago

You know those aliens are responsible for thanksgiving right? :)

hadouken1822278d ago

Article sucks. Just some loser paying too much attention to fighting game plot. Get a life.