Fan-Made Skyrim Concept Arts Showcase What A Next-Generation Elder Scrolls Game Could Look Like

DSOGaming writes: "DEZZZ has created some of the best Skyrim concept arts we’ve ever seen, and we are pretty sure that a next-generation Elder Scrolls game could look similar to these following images. That’s a stretch – to be honest – but imagine when we have games looking this good. Let’s not forget that Skyrim can look gorgeous with some custom ENBSeries mods, so – being optimistic here – there is a high chance to get this kind of visuals in our games sooner than expected. Enjoy!"

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OneAboveAll2254d ago

The art is nice but other than that... lol no. I expect the games to look MUCH better.

john22254d ago

Doubt next-gen games will look better than this. Here is hoping though

PiccoloGR2254d ago

agreed. Skyrim modded looks great and we'll definitely see a jump in visuals, but I don't think we'll see many titles looking this good in next-gen era

DragonKnight2254d ago ShowReplies(2)
2254d ago
HeavenlySnipes2254d ago

Looks like the PC version with the Sharpshooter ENB mod. Next gen could handle this

Hazmat132254d ago

idk PC mods on skyrim look pretty damn sexy.