OXCGN’s Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review


"Let me say this straight out of the gate: this is what Battlefield 3 should have been from the beginning.

Armored Kill is the latest DLC, developed and released by DICE and EA.

Whereas the previous DLC, Close Quarters, focused on tight infantry-based fighting, Armored Kill goes in the opposite direction, focusing on vehicular warfare in large environments."

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gaminoz2278d ago

Gotta love vehicles! Though damn if I could fly planes in 43! The others kept flying around waiting for me launch so they could knock me out of the sky!

DeusExer2278d ago

At least with this DLC you've got a chance to get out of your spawn without being hammered by enemy AA.

Proeliator2277d ago

I rather like that big map...

DeusExer2277d ago

I like it for the size of the area, but it seems to be lacking something compared to the other 3 maps.

While there is uneven terrain, I think that the majority of the playable area is rather flat in comparison to say, Alborz Mountains.

Cheapshot2277d ago

I love using ATVs as mobile C4 carriers! The amount if air you can get is hilarious.

Heard motorbikes might be coming in future DLC. Can't wait.

Zha1tan2277d ago

the tank destroyers are great but the AC 130 not being piloted by a player is bloody stupid because one AA tank that camps the spawn can take it out every time it flies over the spawn on a pre determined path which is just stupid stupid design by Dice.

The Rocket artillery truck is really lazily designed aswell, no targeting computer?! really you just gave me a grenade launcher crosshair and told me to aim somewhere over there without even putting in distance markers at the very least...

Also putting in helicopters on a map that otherwise is just were you thinking DICE?

Really cant be bothered to play this with the ongoing planetside 2 beta because DICE still to this day make really stupid design decisions.

bumnut2277d ago

Im not going to buy it, I have been a BF fan since 1942 but find BF3 boring.

Not got much hope for BF4 either because it is releasing too soon.

DeusExer2277d ago

I do agree with your point on Armored Shield.

Having no jets reduces the competition for the AA, as it's easier to nail choppers trying to get near you.

But they made the right decision to not make the gunship pilotable.

It's not like it has the mobility of the jet, and pilots would just fly over the enemy spawn constantly and dominate spawning players, essentially trapping them, preventing them from getting vehicles out of the area.

Zha1tan2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

thats where the AA tank should come in...

Animal Mutha 762276d ago

I'm not a premium subby (don't believe in paying for unknown quality content up front), but I do have Karkand and skipped CQ (because its a COD mode), but I am interested in this AK when it becomes available for normal second class players on Xbox.

Xbox prem players - Is it worth 1200 in your opinion? I suspect that maps are smaller than PC? and the other thing I notice is that a lot of my regular servers played the hell out of Ak for the first couple of days but have now reverted to normal maps most of the time. Is this because its a bit shit?

How say you?