Assassin's Creed: Why Ezio is Actually a Cyborg

Why is Ezio from Assassin's Creed seemingly invincible? Zel from Rantgaming may just have the answers you seek.

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OneAboveAll1354d ago

Altair > all others, sorry.

rpd1231353d ago

Eh, it depends. Altair was a badass with the most limited resources possible. Ezio and Connor are badasses with a wide array of weapons. And Connor can climb trees.

azshorty20031353d ago

He was so limited in everything he could do, he couldn't fight for crap, and he want interesting at all to me. He was an errand boy basically. Maybe it's also the fact that the first game was so boring and repetitive. 2 really stepped things up and Ezio was so much better.

iamnsuperman1354d ago

Maybe that is the massive secret at the end. All Assassins are cyborgs who have become self aware and want to take over the earth while the Templar are the good guys. Dun Dun Duuuur

ChunkyLover531353d ago

Sometimes I facepalm when I decide to click on stupid articles like this....

Xelmen1353d ago

Lighten up, friend. It's all in good fun. I surely hope I didn't take away 5 minutes that you would've been spending on pornography or updating your facebook status.

ChunkyLover531353d ago

I don't even have a Facebook and Sunday is football day, so I stay away from the porn.

azshorty20031353d ago

Stare at dudes in tight pants vs porn......o.O.....just sayin.

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azshorty20031353d ago

They would have to be robots. What else could survive jumping off a 300+ foot building and survive? A small stack of hay is barely a sufficient way to break a fall off a One story roof.

Plus with all the 1& 2 story building I've jumped off of with Ezio over the years, his knees would have been jello by Revelations.