Full list of Wii U games and their launch schedule

The complete and up to date list of all Wii U games and their launch schedule

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MultiConsoleGamer2285d ago

Fairly certain LCU is a launch game.

Jirachi2285d ago

I know reggie said it was at the wii u event,so unless they changed it last minute this article is wrong.

-Mika-2285d ago

I didn't see any good exclusives on that list. Mostly all of those games I can buy on my PS3.

ScubaSteve12285d ago

except you cant buy bayonetta 2 on ps3 or 360

Instigator2285d ago

Considering none of us has played any of the 14 exclusives I counted on the list it seems kinda premature to say that none of them are good.

makemyteapunk2285d ago

You cant be serious (have to be trolling).

The new Mario game is coming out. Mario games are some of the highest rated of all time. Isn't Galaxy the highest rated this gen? There are others too. Your rabid fanboyism is preventing you from enjoying games.

ninjabake2285d ago

I was expecting more from the launch day line-up without a doubt but its WiiU daily and they've been inaccurate in the past

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