Pach-Attack! Will NintendoLand Sell?

As the Wii-U launch approaches, will Nintendo’s new software initiative NintendoLand be a top seller? Why? Why not?

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MDC311918d ago

game looks fun but i wonder if sony will copy and call their game sonyland and pass it off as innovative

LX-General-Kaos1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

With the great and positive innovations previewed with NintendoLand. It looks extremely fun, and will likely sell very well. Especially since it is a bundled exclusive in the US. Likely to become the next Wii Sports. Which is a good thing because Wii Sports was one of the most successful exclusive offerings last generation.

It would come to no surprised if other rival competitors borrowed the idea of NintendoLand just as other Nintendo exclusive titles.

Rated E For Everyone

iamnsuperman1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

It is ok they have Playstation Home remember which they keep building on. Similar concepts

TheLastGuardian1918d ago

Please, we all know Nintendo Land is a rip off of PlayStation Home.

from the beach1918d ago

First post is gold.

I think Nintendo Land will be a hit, previews are saying the individual games are rich and fully developed, varied and a blast to play.

No online is very disappointing, though.

RivetCityGhoul1918d ago

pretty sure nintendo rip-offed playstation home with nintendo land.

NeoTribe1918d ago

Fair enough. Sony stole smash bros. Share and care baby.

ALLWRONG1917d ago

Don't forget Achievements, Move, and pretty much everything on Live.

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user77927881918d ago

GTTV is horrible now, its too hard to find the newest videos

paydayp1918d ago

the videoplayer wasn't great to begin with but since the the new look i havent gone there once

vikingland11918d ago

How is nintendo land anything like PS home? Is'nt nintendo land a party game? and PS home is a social hub world?

r211918d ago

I kinda see it. In a way they're similar in concept. You come to a point where you play mini games of infamous games. Except though, one's a full on party game whilst like you mention, the other's mainly a social hub. That's my take at it I guess.

esemce1918d ago

It's just an evolution to Wii sports and I think it should have been bundled with ALL new WiiU's but with Nintendo being cheap [email protected] you know the rest.

Gamer-Z1917d ago

Agreed, they should at least sell it for $30 for the people that couldn't get the deluxe edition.

rainslacker1917d ago

No doubt. When I saw it listed for $60 I immediately thought they inflated the price to make the deluxe seem like a better value. I think the deluxe is worth the extra money for the storage, which is still pretty abysmal, but realistically can you say the average consumer is going to know or care about that...I don't think it's even a major selling point for it that I've seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.