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Killing the food addiction

Bayonetta 2 reactions

Will the WiiU succeed or fail?

What’s a megaton?

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Paragon2282d ago

"Killing the food addiction"

If you don't need it, don't eat it.

"Bayonetta 2 reactions"


"Will the WiiU succeed or fail?"

Who knows? Wait till it releases.

"What’s a megaton?"

A settlement in Fallout 3.

Pintheshadows2282d ago

"What's a megaton?"

It's also the rather awesome surname of the director of Taken 2.

OOG2282d ago

As far as I'm concerned a Megaton is different to everyone..... for people that love action fighting games like this and Ninja Gaiden etc it is a big deal since they will need another system to play it....

So its a big deal to some while other wills not care.... its not as big a shock as we could get but it will cause some tremors

SandWitch2282d ago

What's up with the Bayonetta craze? Nintendo saved the franchise so let them have it...