Where to get a Wii U

Oprainfall writes: "The Wii U has only been available to pre-order for two days so far and the Deluxe model is selling out already at certain retailers. We’ve decided to make a list of online retailers to help direct you where you can buy a Wii U and if you can still get the Deluxe model or not."

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XHeavygunX2257d ago

I work for GameStop and yesterday 4:30 central time corporate sent us an email saying we were sold out of deluxe and only have basic

ZeekQuattro2257d ago

I preordered today and that is indeed all they had. Kinda sucks but oh well.

XHeavygunX2257d ago

And bad thing is most of them are going on eBay. I work there and preordered one also but the lady before me reserved 2 and I wasn't about to question her. I also have paid off a black pro controller, zombiU Mario, and assassins creed 3 and I'm gonna keep mine. Even if I wanted to sell it if I was ever caught I'd loose my job and that's a risk I'm not willing to take being an assistant manager

Daoshai2257d ago

No offense but its a gamestop maybe it'll do you good to get fired in the long run.

joeyisback2257d ago

ya that sucks i didnt have the money to preorder till today and no more deluxe sucks for me thats what i wanted to preorder

darthv722257d ago

My friend sent me a text saying he pre ordered 4. I was a bit surprised but then again. I pre ordered 2 myself. 1 of each.

inb4its2late2257d ago

I guess people realize alot of these people are going to put these on e-bay for insane prices.

PopRocks3592257d ago

Of course! Keep an eye out on YouTube during launch day. Guaranteed someone will upload a video of them destroying a Wii U in front of a line of people waiting to get one.

Crazyglues2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

@ inb4its2late

They are already on eBay for ridiculous prices... -

That's just Crazy..


NegativeCreepWA2257d ago

I lucked out and found a deluxe at my local best buy today. I guess they had problems and couldn't reserve any the first few days.

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showtimefolks2257d ago

I am Wang till both Sony and ms announce their specs. I am getting ps4 because I know Sony will support it well, I think this time instead of buying xbox720 I may go with wiiu because I am much more interested in Nintendo exclusives since MS has the same 3-4 exclusives.

And when I do buy it most likely at a sale with a bundle

Raider692257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

im sure that N will supply more until the release day.

Raider692257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I got my pré sale were in EU and it comes it zumbi-u and even brigs a pró-controler!I guess nintendo provide diferent packs for EU since we are already being SCREWED at the price,that is higher than in US .nINTENDO IS ALWAYS SCREWING EU CUSTOMERS.

kiddster582257d ago

Go To toys r us. You can preorder for 20 bucks and I preordered today at 430. People forget about toys r us. The only people that go their are parents. Gamers really never shop their like they do other stores.

bitboi2257d ago

I just preodered mine from them as well, thanks to this article!