Looking at Bayonetta 2's Wii U Exclusivity

Even as a Platinum Trophy achiever and devoted fan of the first Bayonetta, I wasn’t expecting to see Bayonetta return in a sequel with more exotic dancer moves and hair magic spells than you can shake a katana at. Nintendo remedied this woe on Thursday by revealing that Bayonetta 2 would see the light of day when it would come out on the Wii U… exclusively.

Read on to see why this might have happened and the good and "bad" repercussions of this.

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ninjabake2277d ago

People really need to let it go. Bayonetta 2 being on Wii U isn't the end of the world. The game wasn't a prime seller, it was more of a cult following. Now look @ Final Fantasy 1-6, all Nintendo exclusives, then all of a sudden (for reasons we all know) FF7 is a Ps1 exclusive. Nintendo fans were a bit upset but without the internet as a huge forum back then they had no choice but to.suck of up and either A) get a PS1 for the game or B) move on and play other games.

There are a ton of great titles coming out between next month and March that most of y'all will probably forget about Bayonetta 2, so there's no since in continually whining. Just game!

corrus2277d ago

Actually i don't care for that stupid game Bayonetta 2

cleft52277d ago

This is the sort of power play Nintendo needed to make. Now when I buy my WiiU I feel like Nintendo will actually attempt to get good third party games on it. I didn't buy a Wii because I didn't believe true third party support would be there and really it wasn't. At least there wasn't enough to justify my purchase of a Wii.

corrus2277d ago

From Nintendo fans depend if Nintendo is gonna have third party cos if they continue to buy only Nintendo games third party developers not gonna released their games on WII U

blue_cheese2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

all i can say about this Bayonetta Wii U exclusive ordeal is that most people complaining can't be true video game enthusiasts. since when does a game not coming to your console of choice mean a developer sold out, or that the console its releasing on is not up to your standards because of the hardware? i think people who love to play video games look at every console and want to play what is offered on each.

im not sure how someone only likes a certain console or play style when all three consoles offer great experiences. those fans of Bayonetta who refuse to buy the game because its on the Wii U are not Bayonetta fans, they're simply console fan boys who happened to play the game.

i understand not everyone can afford every system, i can't either but that's why you decide whats worth playing and if your such a big fan of Bayonetta i would think that would be reason enough to buy a Wii U, just like any other game series like Halo or Uncharted. if its not just dont buy the game or system, thats the way console gaming works for those with restricted budgets.