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Could GTA V hi-jack its way onto Wii U?

GTA V has been making huge headlines of late with tons of news about why the title will come out this holiday season. Which we actually even thought for a minute, that it, might be true. Yet with all the buzz surrounding the title ever since its initial reveal trailer not much more has been released about the game. With only screenshots being released to the public and only 2 on the official GTA V site perhaps Rockstar games had a conference call for another reason? (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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Moonman  +   865d ago
Why not? I'm sure Rockstar will enjoy the extra revenue.
Jadedz  +   864d ago
Moonman: "Why not?"
That's all you had to say, really.
guitarded77  +   864d ago
Why is that all he had to say... he was making the point that R* is concerned with making a profit on their games. R* has proven that they are about making the most profit while making the best game they can. I could certainly see GTA making its way to Wii U if R* sees a big enough market there.
MxRBrobaFett   864d ago | Personal attack | show
Jadedz  +   864d ago
"Why not" as in: "why won't it be ported to the Wii U?"

That's really offensive :(.
Pushagree  +   864d ago
Rockstar already had chinatown wars flop on a nintendo console. Nintendo may be a large auidience, but it is also a very different auidience from the hardcore ps3/360 crowd. Games that have sold well on the ps3 tend to flop on wii consoles because the audience does not respond well to M rated games on the wii. That is why you will never see a gta game on the wii or the wii u.
ChickeyCantor  +   864d ago
Jadedz didn't even say anything offensive. And people are just attacking him.

Nice going people.
vulcanproject  +   864d ago
It could be ported I imagine but it would be late most likely. It would probably end up at least 6 months later than the other versions.

That would seriously impact the sales of it on Wii U, what with the console also having a small userbase typical of a newly launched machine. Less than 15m for sure in year one, probably less than 10m.

Rockstar may not see the point of it immediately, because it is obvious far and away the most sales and money and return will come from 360 and PS3 versions which is where all their effort will no doubt be focused and getting the game done for those platforms.

By the time the game is out for the primary platforms they might not see a great deal of point moving it over to Wii U, if a new generation of Sony and Microsoft machines is iminent within say a year they might prefer to put their efforts into that generation.

Purely because they would expect to get an engine up and running for that generation and the future. Remember Rockstar Table Tennis? This was a semi experiment to have their engine ready for the rest of their games for this gen.

So while they COULD port it to Wii U, the time and money might not appeal as much as you would think compared to just leaving it on original platforms and then focusing on Sony's and Microsoft's new machines and a new engine.
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Hisiru  +   864d ago
They could make extra money (even 300k copies would give a nice revenue) and build another audience for their games no this platform. I can't see why wouldn't they port it for the WiiU unless they don't want to make money.
roadkillers  +   864d ago
What Moonman meant to say was...

"BANG, ZOOM! Straight to the Wii U!"
THESONYPS3  +   864d ago
How is being called an idiot offensive? Don't be a baby.
SonyWarrior  +   864d ago
Why not? I'm sure Rockstar will enjoy the extra revenue.
irepbtown  +   864d ago
As long as it doesn't affect the other systems quality for GTA V then go for it Rockstar. Would be cool to have a sky view on the tablet controller while playing the game. The ability to zoom in or out, directions etc all on it.
Razmossis  +   864d ago
If it launches the console I could see Nintendo enjoying the GTA effect. But if the Wii U already establishes itself, we might see more resistance due to the whole "wholesome family/safe for kids" orientated vibe they went for the Wii.
Razmossis  +   864d ago
Hmm... was it something I said?

GTA effect = system seller

Nintendo = child/family friendly console... GTA could detract from that notion?

Someone please explain how you disagree with this.
PopRocks359  +   864d ago
Nintendo is not really a child entertainment company so much as family, meaning kids and adults. Look at the number of "T" and "M" games on Wii U.

Darksiders II, Ninja Gaiden, Assassin's Creed III, Aliens, Tekken, 007, ZombiU and Batman Arkham City, to name what I can think of off the top of my head. I'd say they're trying to appeal to a variety of markets as oppose to just one.
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Razmossis  +   864d ago
It must have been off my radar completely then, 'cause I was totally unaware of any of those games coming to Wii U lol

Guess this is what happens when you post on an article and then realise you actually don't even care :P
claud3  +   864d ago | Interesting
Agree.. Nintendo might be growing up, so rockstar should grab this chance
Main_Street_Saint  +   864d ago
I give you bubble!
t0mmyb0y  +   864d ago
2 bubbles up ;D
Ranma1  +   864d ago
Hey, I need bubbles too...

Main_Street_Saint  +   861d ago
@Ranma1, because you asked kindly, I gave you a bubble vote! :D
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   864d ago
I don't see a reason why it couldn't.
Instigator  +   864d ago
Well, it supposedly only costs one million to port a game from PS360 to Wii U. That's a pretty low cost of entry considering GTA V's sales potential. Even the DS game moved over 1 million units, after all.
ronin4life  +   864d ago
the ds one even outsold it's psp port right?
Unless I'm mistaken...
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Instigator  +   864d ago
It did indeed. By nearly 300K, if VGChartz is to be believed.
linkkjm  +   864d ago
I would buy a Wii U for GTA V. There is no way in hell the next Xbox and PS systems will be a low cost of $350.
cleft5  +   864d ago
So true about the cost of the next xbox and playstation system. People keep going on and on about how much more powerful the 720/ps4 will be and I agree with them, but that power is going to come at a big cost. We will be lucky if the 720 is only $599 and goodness only knows how much Sony will charge.
HammadTheBeast  +   864d ago
Actually, you may be wrong. The high cost of the Wii U is mainly due to the controllers, which are about $70, and then the RAM and other stuff adds up.
SnotyTheRocket  +   864d ago
The controllers are $170..... Yeah....
Ippiki Okami  +   864d ago
....$70 lol try ¥13,440 in Japan(about $170 US dollars)


The pro controllers will cost about 50-60 bucks.
WeskerChildReborned  +   864d ago
Yea this will suck. We will see $400-$500 systems. Hopefully they are cheaper than that.
THESHAUNZY  +   864d ago
Nintendo would be retarded if they did not get this game on the Wii-U even if it is just a port... but imagine if they had different new controls that are optional like Zombi U that might be epic... or a mini map that looks like old school GTA GAMes!!!!!!!!!
TheGrimBunny  +   864d ago
I doubt it, but you never know.
demetreHG   864d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Fyflin  +   864d ago
I have to admit I'd be tempted to pick this up if it came out day 1 on Wii U. The console might not be much more powerful than what's currently available but if it plays with a solid frame rate (not saying it won't on PS3/360, but GTA4 stuttered and V seems to have more going on) on the Wii U I'm sold.
claud3  +   864d ago
Nintendo would be stupid to miss this... but its a family console, but their choice and choice a lone
Shok  +   864d ago
I think Nintendo would be open to this, as opposed to their Gamecube days lol.

They're obviously becoming more agressive with "hardcore" games. Bayonetta is the epitome of female sexuality in video games, and they picked that game up and are PUBLISHING it.

So I think this would be more of Rockstar's decision rather than Nintendo's. But if I were Nintendo, I'd do everything I can to get that game on the Wii U.
PopRocks359  +   864d ago
First the core games on the Wii U need to sell better than what core games were on the Wii. Then developers of games like GTA and other such mature games will be more open to the platform.
Rockstar is on board with this system. Chances of the game not being ported over are slim.
tehpees3  +   864d ago
Yes. Otherwise they would have announced the platforms by now. We know its on PS3 and 360 thanks to Max Payne 3 so why so secret ;)

Reggie: "GTA V! My system is ready!"
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prototypeknuckles  +   864d ago
it could but i remember an article somewhere with rockstar saying they arent interested
prototypeknuckles  +   864d ago
no not that one the article im looking for had a lot more detail, crap i wish i could remember where it was from.
yabhero  +   864d ago
Rockstar is interested but 2K is BSing WiiU... Gearbox wanted to put Borderlands 2 on WiiU also but 2K is like wait and see
geddesmond  +   864d ago
Of course they would say that. Anyone with half a brain can just look at the Wiis game library and see 95% of it is kids and family games while the 5% of mature games it had never sold great.

So why waste all those resources building engines for the Wii U to port games like GTA5 over to it only to have it sell 100k on the consol.

The way the industries talking right now they are expecting the Wii U to sell like the Wii but seriously I see Nintendo with another Gamecube on their hands.
claud3  +   864d ago
But then again, its up to both sides to make the decision on this
SheaHoff  +   864d ago
That'd be interesting!
GrahamGolden  +   864d ago
this game is too serious for a nintendo console
eagle21  +   864d ago
Cause stealing cars and hitting bystanders is way too mature right?
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jaymart2k  +   864d ago
Manhunt 2 came out for the Wii. The game received great reviews.

Lol ya right, what's this writer smoking.
LOL_WUT  +   864d ago
But, it was censored on the Wii more so than the PS2 version so, in a way it doesn't count. Also there was this cheat you could use on the PS2 to make it uncensored
#17.1 (Edited 864d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
quantae06  +   864d ago
Wrong! It was censored on both PS2 & Wii identically. The game nearly got a AO rating so Rockstar edited both versions. But they are both still sadistic.
#17.1.1 (Edited 864d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
quantae06  +   864d ago
Their is no cheat on PS2 to make it uncensored haha. You wish!
THESHAUNZY  +   864d ago
TheSuperior  +   864d ago
now thats a thought! Sounds good to me. It would be interesting to see what could be incorporated with the touch screen controller
Laxman  +   864d ago
Yeah I think it could be a good additive. Map/Inventory/Mission tracking, would all work well on the gamepad.
crowsticky1234  +   864d ago
Having GTA V as a Wii U game, it will give benefits to both Rockstar and Nintendo. It will convince some core gamers to buy Wii U and it will raise sells for Take Two. Can't wait to see what it can do.
ryusdwnbnmfjwh   864d ago | Spam
C_Dub  +   864d ago
But there are...curse words...and guns in GTA. :(

Too adult oriented for Nintendo to handle unfortunately. Plus I doubt Rockstar wants to invest anything into gimmick controllers.
yabhero  +   864d ago
What about Assassin's Creed, Batman Arhkam City, Mass Effect, Darksiders 2, FREAKING Ninja Gaiden 3 where you can cut peoples LIMBS OFF!!! Aliens Colonial Marines, Bayonetta 2!!! But GTA is too much? Please. and the people how actually used the controller say its not gimmicky...
Jirachi  +   864d ago
I hope so if ds can get a gta game then so should a wii u.
MacDonagh  +   864d ago
If it went multi-platform, it'd be a decent feather in the cap for Nintendo. I wouldn't like to imagine if GTA V became a Wii-exclusive like Bayonetta 2 though. It's just not worth thinking about when you know how many people will overreact over something like that.
OooHJohnny  +   864d ago
But but but... Warren Spector said the ultraviolence has to stop!
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   864d ago
Gta V could work on WiiU. Even though im not picking up the wiiU and just will wait for the next xbox or playstation It will be nice to have on wiiU.

i can see the map working on the tablet controller letting you mark points idk random thought
RmanX1000  +   864d ago
Cue the unnecessary and stupid death threats!
jboy  +   864d ago
I want it i will buy it go on Rockstar
Elvis  +   864d ago
That would be cool.
Roccetarius  +   864d ago
Maybe GTA V would only work on the Wii U? Oh snap.
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