10 of the Easiest Games to Platinum

My list of the easiest games to get a Platinum in on the PS3

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deletingthis346753342131d ago

Yeah...I wouldn't be caught dead with a Hannah Montana platinum in my thanks. The only game of that list I have a platinum for is the Sega collection. The rest of this list consist of games that I will never play, ever.

guitarded772131d ago

Ummm... Burnout Paradise is a really great arcade racer. You should consider playing it.

DarkTower8052131d ago

I'm no fan of racing games, but I had so much fun with Burnout Paradise. I have really great memories with that game, which is why it's one of my favorite games this gen. Anyone refusing to at least give it a chance is doing the gamer within themselves a disservice. Also, the dev support for this game is 2nd to none.

thorstein2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

@ all of the above. Criterion is the dev and they are making NFS Most Wanted, which many people are nicknaming Burnout Paradise 2.

On topic: The easiest platinum will certainly be Telltale Games the Walking Dead. To get it, you have to play the game through all five episodes. I only have two: Up! which is on this list and Skyrim.

xursz2130d ago

Really excited for the new Most Wanted. Criterion knows their stuff. *

pixelsword2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Well, if you enjoy the game, it doesn't matter if it's on the easy list or not; that being said, I only have 9.

Uncharted 1-3

Resistance 3

Gow 3



Killzone 3


I'm working on Demon's Souls (if I go back to it)

Batman AA (I'm bad at making combos and can't get past the fighting rounds)

Red Faction: Guerrilla (vehicle controls suck so getting the race times are hard for me)

MGS4: (never had zero alerts/kills on Boss Extreme... did get no alerts on regular though!)

Probably never get:

SOCOM Confrontation (too hard [not even a single trophy yet after playing about 20 games]) (0%)

Warhawk: Too hard to get to General (68%)

LOTR: Conquest; no online (74%)

Resistance 2: 10,000 kills in ranked when you can't even get two rounds? Screw that. If they allowed unranked games to get the trophy, R2's servers would be filled the same night.

Lost interest

Magic: gathering; (20)

golden axe (50)

streets of rage(80)

Bomberman ULTRA(0)


ZoyosJD2131d ago

try http://www.yourgamercards.n...

It's easier than listing them all every time you want to tell someone your games. :)

There are similar sites for xbox360 and some for both consoles.

pixelsword2131d ago

Thank you!

I'm a lazy guy, so this could help, lol. Whichever one works out best I'll probably .do

Irishguy952131d ago

I'm quite proud not to have any

Chris5582131d ago

Playing shitty games just for easy plats is pathetic

SilentNegotiator2131d ago

Why do these articles always get a million degrees?

Do people really care that much about getting platinum trophies?

trikster402131d ago

Spare Parts was actually pretty fun too. Surprised it had a plat for being a download game.

Kalowest2130d ago

My Top easy or fun to get Platinums
BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger, Enslaved, Dante's Inferno, AC2, Tekken 6, ME2, Resistance 3,DA2, Fallout 3 and Dead Island, just to name a few.

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ajax172131d ago

BioShock is pretty damn easy...

BigStef712131d ago

Why are you guys disagreeing with him? He's telling the truth. Every trophy is pretty easy to get and you can change the difficulty on the final boss battle with Fontaine and get the trophy for completing the game on the hardest difficulty

auen12131d ago

fonatine was a piece of cake. i just used the plasmid that creates a ghost then nailed him with everything while he was distracted.

ajax172131d ago

Yeah, it was my first platinum.

bubblebeam2131d ago

Bioshocks are pretty easy, if you know what you're doing.

It is only hard until you get the vampire and drill perks. If you miss some of the journals, then good luck playing it all over again lol!

Resistance 2 10,000 kills, now THAT was hard (given the playstyles)

abzdine2131d ago

Madagascar Kartz is the best one of them all and not in the list.
Burnout is easy but a bit long.

Wintersun6162131d ago

I'm one trophy away from Burnout Paradise platinum. I've spent 10 hours driving around the stadium trying to get other 7 players come there. There's always at least one dickhead who won't come even if I ask nicely and set a challenge. *sigh* Guess I should try again some day.

SonyStyled2130d ago

try the boosting thread on search burnout paradise and then go into the forum and you should find the boosting thread from there. its a pretty crowded site so u shouldnt have any trouble finding 7 others

-Alpha2131d ago

Walking Dead pretty much requires you to just finish the game. Anyone who plays all 5 episodes will have the platinum

guitarded772131d ago

If they ever release all the episodes... they're taking their sweet time with the episodes.

-Alpha2131d ago

They said Season 1 will be done by December, so I'm thinking October, then December

Krimmson2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

You can't rush great games.

stryctnin2131d ago

Yeah, The Walking Dead game will undoubtedly be the easiest game to Platinum but you can't do it without all five episodes.

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