Lego themed video games friend or foe?

Seems with the recent success of the Lego Themed Star Wars video games, all kinds of franchises are trying to cash in now. There is soon to come a Lego Batman and a Lego Indiana Jones video game as well.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3727d ago


if you like having fun.


chris brander.

fiercescuba3727d ago

I wonder if there are Halo Lego toys. I wouldnt mind making a lego warthog or scorpion tank.

taz80803727d ago

Yeah a lego themed hlao game might be pretty cool. I am just afraid that video game makers are going to the well too many times.

drunkpandas3727d ago

Oh don't you worry. I'm sure they can dip into that well plenty more times :)

drunkpandas3727d ago

Lego Star Wars is still one of my favorite action/adventure games. The mix of solid gameplay and humor makes it a good experience for hardcore and casual gamers. My wife even gets into the Lego games

AceLuby3727d ago

Totally agree. If it's pulled off as well as Lego Star Wars, then keep them coming. My gf, mom, little brother and sister all love these games.

Bubble Buddy3727d ago

only bad thing was I bought the first two lego star wars and a whole saga comes out >.>

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