Nintendo Revives Bayonetta 2 For Wii U But Why Are Fans Complaining?

Saqib Mansoor of SegmentNext writes:"Don’t you just hate it when you see people following trends just to act like one in the crowd? Well, I do and I’m not too pleased with what’s happening with Bayonetta 2 either."

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Relientk772283d ago

Because Bayonetta fans own Xbox 360 and/or PS3.

rattlesnake_9062283d ago

ok then shouldn't these "Bayonetta fans" be happy that a sequel to their favourite game is at least coming out rather then the game never seeing the light of day?

killerhog2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

No, because most will still not be able to play it (regardless of their reason). Their support (for bayonetta) came from their console of choice ps3 or 360 (because bayonetta wasnt on a Nintendo console). So now, bayonetta 2 is announced as wiiU exclusive? Of course they'll be angry. And personally wouldn't care if it saw a release or not, if they can't even play it. It should of been multiplat, here's hoping its time exclusive.

ABizzel12283d ago


Yes they would be happy if they didn't have to pay $360+ just to play the sequel to a game they enjoyed, rather than $60 for the console they already own.

Platinum Games / Sega made a mistake in allowing Nintendo to publish this. EA, Sqaure Enix, even Capcom would have been better devs. to publish Bayonetta 2 since they have partner contracts where you keep all rights, and they would have made the game multiplatform (PS3/360/Wii-U) and everyone would have been fine with that. They could have even put Bayonetta 1 & 2 on the Wii-U version so they could enjoy the entire series. Putting the game exclusively on Wii-U just eliminated a large portion of previous Bayonetta supporters, who didn't plan on buying a Wii-U. And they have every right to be upset about this whole ordeal.

If you and others with that same view don't understand that, then there's no need to continue the conversation any further.

Now sending death threats and bashing Nintendo are uncalled for and ignorant. It was a smart business move for Nintendo and their console, and wishing death upon them shows immaturity and just how ignorant people can be when they can hide behind a screen.

Baka-akaB2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

You guys are a riot . Where did you even get a hint of EA, Square Enix, Capcom or others even wanting to go near it ?

Capcom frickin' recommissioned Devil may cry to a western developper , despite sales figures for DMC4 only inferior to King God of war , in the hope of selling more , and they are going to publish a platinum games this gen ?

To boot , those guys ran away from Capcom for many reasons and would happily go back there ?

EA ? and Square ? Get real Square only saved an open world urban game , those usually always has sales potentials

rattlesnake_9062283d ago

Yes, you are right if they had partnered themselves with another publisher they prolly would have gone multi platform and not alienate their already existing fan base.

But no one stepped up did they? Nintendo saw the potential and cashed in. Like you said it was a smart business move on Nintendo's part.

And at the end of the day the harsh truth is that the video game industry is a business and in business, someone's gain is someone's loss.

The best we can hope for is that publishers and developers release quality products( on any platform) that are worth our money, and we do not feel cheated or conned if we end up buying an inferior product.

If a game passes us by in this process for any reason, well another great game is prolly just around the corner to enjoy.

That is my opinion at least.

gamer78042283d ago


someone's gain is someone's loss allright, nintendo's gain, bayonetta fan's loss.

Saying that no other publisher would have picked it up or partnered with them is just heresay.

This is why the real fans are upset.

Flavor2283d ago

I predict alot of bayonetta fans settling for watching playthrough videos rather than shell out hundreds of bucks for a system they do not want.

AWBrawler2283d ago

but if it released exclusively to PS4 or Xbox Durango they'd have to buy a console that i'm almost certain will cost more than $300 just to play, so either way they need a new console to play it anyway.

so what's the problem?

darthv722283d ago

In my 30+ years of gaming ever shunned a system out of spite because it received a game that I was expecting to come to my platform of choice.

That is why I end up getting all of them. Its costly yes but certainly better than being limited to the wrong one. I'm not alone in this either. People have their reasons for owning the 360 and ps3 and wii and (insert other platform here).

This is gaming we are talking about. Not diehard loyalty to your favorite sports team.

ABizzel12283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@rattlesnake & Baka-aka

You guys act like you know who Platinum went to. There's no proof or evidence of Platinum going to EA, Cpacom, Square, Sony / MS (which would have been bad as well). For all we know Nintendo was the first publisher (first come first serve), the highest bidder (Platinum being greedy), or something completely different so don't act like it was Nintendo's saving grace that kept Bayonetta alive until you know facts.

But it's a fact that Bayonetta being a Wii-U exclusive pissed off a lot of their fan base, and it's going to hurt the sales of Bayonetta 2, unless Wii-U owners pick-up the game, and seeing how the missed the first one it's unlikely millions will want to jump in on the second game.

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TripC502283d ago

I own a wii. I grew up with Nintendo. My favorite video game? Halo 3... I'm a fan of games I have friends and family who own other consoles. Let's think like gamers and stop thinking like this Bayonetta exclusive sucks. Bayonetta 2 is alive and it's coming. I'm happy, so should other gamers.

killerhog2283d ago

Cool. So gamers who bought and showed support for bayonetta on the ps3 or 360 (because it wasn't on the Nintendo wii), should be happy the game (bayonetta 2) is at least being made, though on a console they probably won't get regardless of their reason?

Silly gameAr2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

killerhog using logic. Then again, I'm neutral on this matter. I just feel meh about the whole thing.

TripC502283d ago

I'm new to N4G. Like really new so I don't know how to respond to comments made by others on my post. @ killerhog. I agree that it is a bummer for people who supported bayonetta and probably won't get a WiiU for B2. I'm just saying its one game. Surely people upset about this have friends or family who might be interested in the WiiU and will pick up Bayonetta 2. They will get to play it. Now for people who don't have friends or family that like games and want to own it for themselves, that really sucks... Do I guess you are right. People like that should be upset. But it's very silly to get very upset over a game that can be experienced now that it is revived.

Agent_00_Revan2283d ago

I'm a fan of games. I own all 3 systems, but I don't like nor do I play the Wii. Haven't in almost 2 years. The only reason why its still around is because my kids play it all the time.

I don't plan on buying a WiiU. I have no interest in it, plus theres plenty of life left in regular Wii for my kids. So now I have no way of playing Bayonetta 2, a game I enjoyed playing on my PS3. So now I'm screwed. So YES, I am upset about the move to Nintendo. Am I making death threats like other morons on the internet, No, but I am very disappointed.

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Thatguy-3102283d ago

This will never be seen in another console other than the wii u. Nintendo is publishing it so no other consoles are in mind. I mean i understand how fans are mad but at the same time they have to understand that a sequel wouldn't have been made if it weren't for nintendo so they can really blame them. Sega didn't want to fund the exclusive so they ax the IP. People should be happy that a sequel can be consider an option.

live2play2283d ago

people dont get it

bayonetta fans are BLAMING nintendo for making it exclusive
BLAMING platnium games for making it exclusive

they have MISDIRECTED anger

the game was dead, platnium games didnt find someone willing to publish it

BUT people STILL think that nintendo STOLE IT from ps360...

they didnt steal it, THEY HELPED IT STAY ALIVE

they FUNDED platnium games game


platnium games is making the wonderful 101 for wiiu

that helped them build a relationship with nintendo

so platnium games had a DEAD IP in need of a publisher

nintendo has a BRAND NEW CONSOLE in need if games

everything else just fell into place



Lf_sIcKmAn2283d ago

Smartest thing I've read in any of the Bayonetta 2 articles, you sir are a very smart person worthy of praise. People are just stupid and don't know that if it wasn't for nintendo, bayonetta would have just vanished into the darkness… Cheers.

Allsystemgamer2283d ago

Thank you. Really I mean it. The general user on this site is a moron.

TreMillz2283d ago

Where does it say Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2? Please show me, cuz thats what every Nintendo fan has been saying. Also this SEGA cancelled it, did SEGA or Platinum games ever say they cancelled Bayonetta 2? Or did Sega say that they cancelled several projects? Lets be honest, since SEGA went developer/publisher only, non of their games ever touched close to 2 million units, only Bayonetta.

So your convincing yourselves that SEGA is willing to release Jet Set Radio,Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic Racing, Football manager, Yakuza 5, Phantasy Star Online 2, Aliens, The Cave and Total War, all which will not touch near 500,000 units but cancel Bayonetta 2? Please!

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Godmars2902283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Because they have to buy a whole new system to play it? Will be forced to use a controller that many disliked at first sight if they do buy a WiiU?

FFS; I mean that I'm not a fan of the game and I understood that the second the weight of the announcement set in. Why are people/defenders of this not comprehending such a simple thing?

People cannot afford/don't want to buy every console/handheld to play their favorite series/franchises. We've been arguing this point since the 360 and PS3 launched and the word "exclusive" became a meaningless PR term.

No. They weren't "sitting on a goldmine" because either the game honestly didn't sell, or it didn't sell well enough for Sega to take a chance on a sequel, because apparently to new logic sequels don't sell as well as the original title. The first game would have been a minor note if not for the drama surrounding it, which again didn't help it sell.

Likewise as a launch/launch window title for a new system, there's a good chance that its not going to sell well. The family market that was attracted to the Wii certainly wont be attracted to it.

I get why Platinum's took this chance, I just don't think that its going to do especially well for them. Not like putting this sequel on both the PS3 and 360 would have.

Then again I'd be willing to bet they still hold all IP rights and the game if not a 3rd sequel will be headed to the PS4 and Next Box - where all this crap with the fanbase will happen all over again.

rattlesnake_9062283d ago

I get your point about not being able to afford another console just to play a single game. It's a valid point.

But what about the developers side of the story? They were sitting on a goldmine and yet no one was willing to fund their next game and publish it on the 360/PS3?

So what they were suppose to do when a dominant force in video game industry made an offer to bankroll them?

Just say no?

kneon2283d ago

If it were a goldmine then they wouldn't need someone else to fund it.

Baka-akaB2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Even if you couldnt afford the new console and had to skip it ... at least it gives the serie another chance to live long enough to appears later on future other platforms including yours .

half the people complaining didnt even get Bayonetta from Platinum games to begin with . They never developped a ps3 version , sega did on their own . it as alays an exclusive technically

The only truly sane reason to complain imo , would be if the sequel showed hints of being bad and compromised , like people felt with DmC and NG3 . Then you could prefer seeing the game dead rather than raped .

But so far all points to a regular Bayonetta sequel , except on a given different platform .

hell no one is even mentioning Vanquish yet . I'm pretty sure it will be dead unless someone decide to bankroll it .

it's not as if regular publisher , or Sony and Microsoft seemed even interested by platinum stuff

ABizzel12283d ago

Those people having to skip it, because it's on a new console, will send it back to the same fate of floating in limbo looking for another publisher. And if sales are as low as I expect by being a Wii-U exclusive then it's going to be even worse this time.

Bayonetta just isn't the type of game for the Nintendo audience. For those people with a PS360, Bayonetta being a Wii-U exclusive is like being canceled anyway if they have no intention of buying a Nintendo console thanks to it's "For Kids" image.

Nintendo is trying to break that image and adopt a "For Everyone" image, and that's great, and exactly what they needed to do to make Wii-U cater to everyone outside of Nintendo Fanboys. But the fans of Bayonetta have a reason to be upset, since they now have to spend $360 just to play the sequel to a game they liked.

Baka-akaB2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

You dont know that for sure , and even so ... keeping it alive for yet one more good game and long enough for it to appears in the future , be it as a port or a bayo 3 or 4 on widespread consoles is definitively worth it .

At least in my book , it's better than death , then the unlikelihood of any reboot , and even less certainty of a reboot being any good if greenlit .

And like you said , Nintendo is trying to break away from their image among "core" gamers . You do need titles like Bayonetta for that . That's at least a possibility of them bankrolling unlikely to be successful games , for the sake of building a portfolio , at least for one or two games .

It beats :

- activision or EA swooping in , and deciding they want their money's worth and making a travesty of the game .

- Just no one even wanting to show up

ABizzel12283d ago

You dont know that for sure?

Know what?

That Bayonetta won't sale well on the Wii-U? If so I don't, that's why I said I EXPECT it to sale worse. It's a fast action / violent game. Look up all the hack and slash on Wii. None of them broke 1 million in sales unless you count Zelda as a hack and slash, so why would Bayonetta do it? And if Bayonetta falls into the same low sales as all the other Wii hack and slash then it's going to have a harder time finding another publisher, which is why they have to release it as a timed exclusive if at all possible.

It makes no sense from a "Business Expansion Standpoint" like Platinum claims it was to put Bayonetta on the Wii-U exclusively. Nor are there that many hack and slash games on Nintendo platforms, because developers who make those games know that the PS is the platform for that audience. Even though Bayonetta was an awful port to the PS3 the PS3 version still outsold the Xbox 360 version, and every hack and slash will sell better on the PS3 9/10.

IMO it was better to wait in limbo for a multiplatform release than to release exclusively on the Wii-U. Perfect example, is the current fallout from fans. No company ever want this kind of PR nightmare on their hands, and this all would have been avoided if the game was multiplatform. I don't know any other way to say it, so if you guys don't get it then I'm done explaining.

Nintendo did nothing wrong. They did what was right for their business.

Platinum Games, however, made a bad decision making Bayonetta 2 a Wii-U exclusive. It alienated their ENTIRE fan base, and forces them to pay $360 to play Bayonetta 2, rather than paying $60 for their current gen console.

EA has a partners program speciafically for aiding developers and allowing them to keep their IP's and work as an independent developer (Insomniac is doing this).

Platnium is working with Konami on MSG: R, and could have simply asked them.

Many of the employees of Platinum Games worked at Capcom at one point of time, and could have asked them.

Namco Bandai are willing to take chances and love making combat heavy games like Tekken, Anime fighters, and Asura's Wrath.

Square just picked up Sleeping Dogs from Activision and saved that game from limbo. They could have done the same thing for Bayonetta.

Any of those 5 developers seemed like a better choice over Nintendo, but now that I think about it more it was probably Sega who chose this. They need them money, and Nintendo and MS have a lot of it, so they were trying to feed their pockets. Either way I wish the game the best of luck. I'll be getting my Wii-U probably next year (after a decent library builds up) and I'll get the game. As for everyone else I'm sorry that happened, and hopefully you'll get to play it some kind of way.

live2play2283d ago

the REAL problem is this
bayonetta fans are BLAMING nintendo for making it exclusive
they are BLAMING platnium games for letting nintendo make it exclusive

you honestly think that if platnium games had a choice between releasing it on 3 console rather than 1 new console they would pick the latter?


platnium games is making a game called the WONDERFUL 101
FOR the WiiU

dont you think they built somewhat of a relationship with nintendo?

PG has a DEAD IP
nintendo has a BRAND NEW SYSTEM in need of games

see how it all comes together?

jc485732283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I like the amount attention this game is getting. The more you hate, the more people get to know about this game. It's like free advertisement to people that never ever heard of the game, especially for those that own Nintendo consoles.

EPIKgamer2283d ago

I like your comment why sharply reminding you that people who own Nintendo consoles are aware of games that aren't on Nintendo consoles.

MightyPatapon2283d ago

Here's why gamers are upset:

If the Wii U was exponentially more powerful that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 then fine, Bayonetta 2 would have to be on the Wii U because the PS3 and 360 couldn't run it to its necessary potential.

But the PS3 and 360 could, without a doubt, handle Bayonetta 2 since the Wii U really isn't that much more powerful that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively.

Unlimax2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Somone asked him about that and he respond to him with this pic :

It looks like Kamiya really hate Sony .. oh well :\ !

Gohadouken2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

That's quite a bullsh*t claim anyway

We know that the Wii U is more powerful than the both . And can actually handle their full vision for the first game at least , in 60 fps without compromising as much as they had to on 360 (let's not even dwell on the crap sega port on ps3) .

How the hell do you even know what they want to do in the sequel , and if it's possible to handle on a ps3 and 360 ?

baldulf2283d ago

It's a no-brainer: Wrong target market.

Baka-akaB2283d ago

only when you keep believing the target for the console remain the same as the wii

rattlesnake_9062283d ago

with Wii U nintendo does seem to be targeting a more mature audience with games like batman, mass effect 3, ninja gaiden 3 in it's launch line up.

kneon2283d ago

But releasing ports of games that came out a year or more ago isn't going to draw in the core gamer, they've already played these games.

Having now tried the Wii U I'm even less interested than I was before trying it, and I didn't think that was possible. It was not a big graphical leap, some games looked worse than on other consoles. And that controller is just huge and feels cheap.

Baka-akaB2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

And yet you know it's not only ports . At least if you didnt get it , you might slowly (or maybe even faster in the coming months) with announcement like bayo2 .

besides a good chunk of those titles arent late port , but coming pretty much alongside the rest .

AWBrawler2283d ago

actually most adult nintendo fans i've met online or in person are anime fans, and guess what bayonetta is like?! it's like freakin' anime. so the audience is there. just check the wii u facebook page or any given anime or nintendo forum