Is There A Good Side to Used Game Sales? | Cassidee takes a glass-is-half-full look at the used game debate and asks if there isn't an upside to them for the gaming industry as a whole.

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ronin4life2280d ago

The argument that used sales hurts devs is a stupid and shortsided one for two main reasons:
First, when you buy a game the money goes to the STORE. The publisher/dev already got their money before this.

Second, even if the above were false and each new sale went Directly to the maker, let's consider were the used sale money goes. It goes to the store. The store( in most cases, a dedicated game store) now has more money. Money it can spend on more games. More games it can sell, which it can spend, again, on more games. The money can then go to supporting ANY pub./dev the store buys from. The industry ad a whole still has the revenue, and in most cases it has actually seen an INCREASE in industry wide revenue.

LAWSON722280d ago

Well it gives stores like gamestop money and keeps them in business which pays thousands of employees

Hicken2280d ago

A bigger question would be: do the positives outweigh the negatives in reference to used sales?

To which I would say: hell yes. The average person can easily see the good and bad, and understand the positives are more impactful. But there are idiots- sorry, I can only think of them as such- who want to perpetuate the myth that used games harm developers, that it's bad for the industry.

Damn shame those idiots get a podium upon which they can preach their ignorance.

BrutallyBlunt2280d ago

Ah yes, everyone is an idiot but you. Ever stop to think that used games sales do not go into the pockets of those who created the games? In fact companies like Gamestop make most of their revenue from used game sales. On one hand people want these expensive games like GTA IV that cost upwards of 100 million dollars but never stop to think of where the return revenue comes from. Thankfully it sold millions of copies but as we can see not all games recoup devlopment costs. So of course companies like Sony want to implement online codes to help curb the used game market. After all their network also cost money to run.

Of course i prefer having a used market, most consumers would. But only an idiot sees things only from their own perspective.