IGN Lost Odyssey Review

6.5 Presentation
The story is so-so, the menus look ancient and the loading screens never seem to stop.

8.0 Graphics
Excellent enemy design and attractive special effects. The framerate is distracting at times.

7.5 Sound
A good soundtrack, but mediocre voice acting.

8.5 Gameplay
Though it's very traditional, the ring-building and skill system are highly addictive. Turn-based combat is actually fun.

8.0 Lasting Appeal
The four discs will last you anywhere from 35-50 hours, depending on your thoroughness. There's not much reason to go back once the quest is finished.

Impressive OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)


Heres the conclusion that the editor wrote.

Closing Comments

Lost Odyssey proves that a turn-based RPG still has merit in modern gaming. While there is nothing in Lost Odyssey that will convert action-RPG fans, there is plenty to please those already singing in the choir. Lost Odyssey creates several memorable characters and a somber setting that should please those sick of JRPGs that seem made for 10-year-olds. There are quite a few things that go wrong -- from the bad stealth portion to performance issues -- but none of it kept me from enjoying the overall adventure. It may not be in the same class as Mass Effect, but for a system in desperate need for more quality RPGs, Lost Odyssey fits nicely into the 360 library.

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green3757d ago

Unreal Engine 3 raises its ugly head again in an RPG.Seems its only really good for FPS's becuase other genres show its limitations to much.

Silicon Knights with their next game Too Human thats trying to role how many genres into one would proberbly be plagued with soo many problems if they stuck with this engine.No wonder they sued epic.

TheSadTruth3757d ago

Troll Zone -->

<-- Sony Spin Zone

fusionboxer3757d ago

The fact of the matter is that multiple discs in this generation of gaming is more of a bad thing then a good thing. That's final. Flipping the laser disc was too much for people and so was switching the sides of a tape. As soon as cd's and dvd's came out, which offered more space and convenience many found it simpler to skip straight to their favorite song instead of having to fast forward, stop, then play the tape find it.

I mean during this day and age, life is all about convenience whether it's to take 3 minutes to heat up your food or 10 minutes to heat it up on the stove.

Also many ps2 games that came out in the ps2's later years were not simply one disc, but came dual layered. This means they were basically two discs, but put onto one so that developers could use the extra space that they obviously needed. Sure dev's can work around less space, but it's often the reason they drop specific details or features that later show up on a re released "directors cut" version.

Anyway what i'm saying is you can't make multiple discs acceptable to the HD audience anymore when we have the technology and resources to put everything on one disc. You may be of the opinion that it's fine, but from the outlook of the majority of people it's no longer "ok".

Marceles3757d ago

Eh...I'm still on the fence about picking this game up. I guess I'll wait to see what some other people have to say about the game, but this review didn't persuade me

ThaGeNeCySt3757d ago

cool, i honestly expected lower.