Tekken Tag Tournament 2 | BT Review

BT writes: Within recent years there has been a largely noticeable boom in the fighting game genre, with numerous games being released from both old and new franchises alike. Many long-standing pillars have seen new entries and, after three years since the last home console release, the Tekken series is stepping up to bat with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. While technically a spin-off of the main series, the previous Tekken Tag Tournament, released back in 2000, was a very well-liked addition to the franchise and it seems as though Namco Bandai is doing their best to make the sequel live up to its predecessor. However, in the veritable sea of fighters that flood the market today, does it stack up enough to warrant a purchase? In short, yes. Yes it does.

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bladesofagony2282d ago

get ready for the next battle !!

NBT912282d ago

If anyone is in doubt - I do not play fighters much at all. I have played a bit of Tekken 5 DRO, and even less of DOA4 in the past. And I think this is one of the better game releases this year - it is absolutely packed with content and there is more free content to come.