Can Star Wars 1313 Be a Good Game?

GotGame: It can be argued that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was a “good” game; but having played and finished it, I can’t put it past being an average game with stellar ideas that fell in its execution.

So, in saying this, can Star Wars 1313 be a good – or even great – Star Wars game?

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NukaCola2284d ago

This is a stupid question. Obviously if the make a good game, it will be a good game. Star Wars has great games like the Lego titles, KOTOR, Jedi Knight II: Outcast, Rogue Squadron games and Battlefront

LastDance2284d ago

why they are even calling it a star wars game in the first place is beyond me.

DarthJay2284d ago

Because Star Wars is more than Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker? Because they are currently developing a live action TV series of the same theme? It's so ridiculously obvious.

LastDance2283d ago

so i guess dull lifeless bland corridor chest-high walls shooters is fine so long as they say something star wars every now and then

Kaizin5142284d ago

Can any game be a good, or even great, game? Yes... Will it though? Not necessarily.

As far as 1313 goes, I think it is on the right track, but only time will tell if it is going be as good as it looks. Force Unleashed suffered from being an amazing tech demo gone wrong. It had the right idea but was executed undesirably.

Zha1tan2284d ago

If its a linear corridor shooter with a 6 - 10 hour campaign then no it will amount to nothing but a graphical showcase but it is lucasarts, they havent done anything worthwhile since the last gen.

wallis2284d ago

This article says nothing. There's no news, no point, nothing but speculation and theory.

And that theory never extends beyond basic argument structure. Lays out a couple of (astoundingly simple) points, such as graphics make people over look a game's flaws, and then helpfully lets LucasArts know that they shouldn't do these things. To give you a sense of the other points they are the following; borrow stuff that works from other games but don't be a copy cat; Star Wars has a lot of lore so make it work.... oh no wait that's it.

This article doesn't even tread water. I don't quite get what about it that just feels like such a fucking waste of human energy on both behalf of the readers and writer but all I'll say to the author is that you've managed to write something where the work's sheer substance-less nature makes it novel.

What's next - can the sky be blue? What if my sleeping dogs case gets wet in the rain? Will John Carmack shave tomorrow? Are video games art? What other torrent of senseless speculation without even the slightest bit of synthesis in the argument do you have for us next?

Eiffel2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Considering LucasArts track record this gen...

Very Short.
Predictable Story.

Nope. Another addition that no one asked for, nor by majority really want. People will say wait and see but LucasArts is my only exception to that rule. They're just that bad to warrant such an assumption. Only developer/publisher in the industry with dozens upon dozens of highly rated franchises and they couldn't care to go anywhere beyond what they've settled for this gen. It's almost as if they don't want to make successful games anymore, let alone make more money than they are now.

I won't hold my breath for this game, especially after Force Unleashed. Nothing but a hack and slash force spam fest compared to the Jedi Knight series, which actually got light saber dueling right. The golden years are truly behind LucasArts.

DarthJay2284d ago

While I don't dispute that you are allowed to feel that way about The Force Unleashed, they did make it abundantly clear that your description was exactly what it would be. Over the top force powers and melee action.

I loved both games. I thought the story was great and I enjoyed the gameplay. With that said, I fully understand why others don't.

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