This is what Borderlands was meant to look like; art style inspired by short film 'Codehunters'

DSOGaming writes: "Gearbox’s Borderlands is perhaps one of the best cartoon-ish games. Borderlands uses a different technique for its cartoon-ish like visuals than cel-shading, but the final result is pretty close to it in our opinion. Needless to say that we don’t think there is something wrong calling Borderlands a cel-shaded game (as that term is used metaphorically to describe all cartoon-ish games with outlines), but that’s just us. Did you know, however, that the game had – originally – a more realistic look to it? Well, time to witness some of the early screenshots (as well as a target trailer) of it before it got ‘cel-ified.’"

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TheRealSpy2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

As much as i'm okay with the cell-shaded art style, i still wish it would have gone for a more realistic, 3d look. Don't get me wrong, Fboys, i still think the game is a blast and can't wait for part 2 in 2 days.

Irishguy952280d ago

I'm fine with the cel-shaded anyway, I'd prefer if more games tried it actually/

WildArmed2280d ago

Same, realistic has been overdone and has become overkill lately.
BF3 is the perfect example w/ the incessant amount of glare from any light source and crazy ass bloom.

I always prefer a variety of art style, I don't want games to be stuck in a rut pursuing photo realism only.

EVILDEAD3602279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Old news..that was literally the whole big story about the game when it released in 09.

The team took a HUGE chance changing the game for the new look, and it was by far one of reasons it stood out became such a hit.

There simply isnt another shooter franchise quite like it on the market.


grailly2280d ago

I think the cell-shading gave it character, it really looked bland before they changed the art style.

I'll admit that I thought they went nuts when they changed the artstyle, but in the end it really fitted the universe better, I think.

gaffyh2280d ago

This is true. When they originally showed the game, it looked very boring in terms of art-style, and making the drastic change to cel-shading helped it differentiate itself immensely. It was a really good design decision, and whoever made it, deserves to be promoted/a raise.

TooTall192279d ago

Not to mention cel-shaded games age much better. Look at Windwaker, Okami, and Dark Cloud 2.

ALLWRONG2280d ago

Sorry but cell shaded looks better than "realistic 3D" on a big screen plasma. The color pops, realistic looking games are bland.

Pintheshadows2280d ago

The last area of Borderlands where it is snowing is absolutely gorgeous.

snipes1012280d ago


Anyone played Dust or Rayman Origins on a really nice flat screen?


neogeo2279d ago

Looks even better on my new 55" samsung OLED!

That's not even out yet!

And I could not afford if it was:(

IHateYouFanboys2279d ago

@snipes101: "Anyone played Dust or Rayman Origins on a really nice flat screen?"

they look brilliant, but theyre not cell shaded so i dont really see why you mentioned them.

i remember back before borderlands' release there was a fair bit of talk about the graphical change, and i personally was glad they did it. looks much better IMO. it helped that the game is one of the best this generation too, IMO of course.

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showtimefolks2280d ago

i like the new art style it gives the game a special feel like no many games out there

can't wait till i get my copy

ABizzel12280d ago


I get what you're saying, but I think you said it wrong.

Most games suffer from a lack of art style, and it would be better if developers took their time to make unique worlds rather than "standard game" worlds.

That being said these screens are what Borderlands should have looked like. They have that same art as the game, but look like actual PS360 games, whereas the actual games look like PSVita.

Laxman2279d ago

Your comment would have been fine, and highly agreeable, if you didnt revert to insinuating that all those who prefer the cellshaded sytle are fanboys. Poor form.

TheRealSpy2279d ago

the dig was at people who take their opinion about a game so seriously that they can't handle the conflicting views of another person. not at people who like the cell-shaded look. like i said, i'm find with the current art style.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2279d ago

The cell shaded look makes borderlands unique

BlitzAK2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Art style >>>>>>> Realistic look.

MuhammadJA2279d ago

I agree with you. But whatever, since the cell-shaded was the first style that people saw, they'll still say they like it more.

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Bathyj2280d ago

na im glad they went cell shaded.
it could have looked like every other shooter, instead it looks unique

NukaCola2280d ago

Agree, the original trailer looked cool, but I loved that they when with their unique celshaded looked. That put the games artstyle up there with Okami, Wind Waker, XIII, and MadWorld.. Made it different.

CrimsonessCross2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I am just happy that some/most games haven't gone the "Me Too!" route :P :)

Pintheshadows2280d ago

Have you tried giving Borderlands another shot yet chap?

Bathyj2280d ago

Actually I played it over 20 hours on the weekend, thanks for asking.

I'm lvl 22, got some kickarse guns, and I'm definitely getting part 2 now.

Played the Lost Cave very early in the game. I was way underpowered and it took me ages having to go back and get ammo and health. I was down to a couple hundred dollars and couldnt afford to die again, (I wonder what happens if you die and have no cash.)

But then I went back to do the clap trap after leveling up and went through no problems.

Great game.

neogeo2279d ago

Your moms arse is cell shaded!

seanpitt232280d ago

I agree with with therealspy the art style just doesn't Apeal to me I did complete the first one but I wish they made it look abit more realistic that's why I will probably pick up BL2 next year sometime.

AtomicGerbil2279d ago

I can respect your opinion, but I will ask this.

If they had gone with the realistic look, don't you think it would have got lost in the plethora of realistic looking shooters out there?

I don't know of many first person shooters that have garnered the same interest as Borderlands. Especially considering the crap ending and the near empty maps. Considering these two complaints I still play it to this day.

seanpitt232279d ago

I can understand why they did it and it will sell millions like the first one did and I hope it does because I love these type of games like the loot bazillions of guns etc but the cartooney graphics just gets to me. If the graphics was more like rage then I would be sold but I do appreciate that it tries to be different from the norm and that's why I hope it sell well even if it's not for me

Dynasty2279d ago

same with me.

It's hard to take the story/characters seriously

firelogic2280d ago

The cell shaded look fits better with the overall light hearted nature of the game.

Pintheshadows2280d ago

Even more so now as from what Randy Pitchford has been saying, they've upped the crazy this time round.

FinaLXiii2280d ago

claptrap approves cel-shaded graphics

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