Double Dragon Neon Review |

GAMINGtruth's own Senior Editor Greg Bargas delivers the verdict on the newly released Double Dragon Neon from Majesco Games, the beat-em-up that brings back classic 80's style arcade action that many gamers grew up with.

"Double Dragon: Neon is yet another success by developer WayForward Technologies. It pays tribute to the difficulty levels found in former beat’em up titles of before and brings back ‘80s nostalgia in an exceptional format.

The only gripe I have about the game is its shortness. The levels offer some replayability being that you can head through them on higher difficulties once the game is completed. Other than that, if you go back through and pick up more tapes and Mythril, the difficulty drops significantly."

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LaWiiG2285d ago

Throwback 80s games are the new 90s

Deeke2285d ago

Nothin' like a blast from the past that kicks some a$$!

Cam_is_16bit2285d ago

This game looks so sick! Can't wait to try it.