The Devil's Hand: Game Informer Reviews DMC4

Game Informer writes:

"I'll just get this out of the way: Nero is awesome. Any reservations fans may have about the young upstart replacing Dante as the main hero will evaporate in the first hour of Devil May Cry 4. Nero delivers all of the combo-driven action you would expect from this series, but he also opens the door for new mechanics that will make it difficult to go back to previous installments. Dante established the stylish combat at the core of the DMC, but Nero is taking it forward."


I've been a fan of this series since the beginning, and this entry surprised me by giving me new features and options I didn't even know I wanted. They form a tight, precise combat system that action aficionados will adore, but newcomers can still utilize. Devil May Cry 4 delivers polished, fiendish thrills that eclipse other games in the series, and almost all contemporaries in the genre."


- Joe Juba

Second Opinion

"Although Devil May Cry 4 introduces a new protagonist, there's little chance of him being booed off of the TV screen like Metal Gear Solid's Raiden. Nero is a bona fide killer and, dare I say it, just as likeable hero as Dante. His Devil Bringer factors brilliantly into combat, and adds an over-the-top edge to his amazing combos. Nero could certainly carry this game on his own, but the shocking events in the introductory cutscene make you count the seconds until you get to suit up as Dante again, which you eventually do. And yes, he lives up to his legacy. For both characters, the series' combat is as exciting as ever, and the bosses they confront are simply some of the best in gaming. The levels, however, suffer from lulls in the action, and far too much repetition in the "fight these enemies to open this door" goals, but their beautiful artistry cannot be denied. Even with some faults, this is the very definition of what I expect from an action game. It's intense, stylish, and all about the cut of the blade."


- Andrew Reiner

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Mc1873692d ago

Great review I got this one paid for already.
PS3, check
DS3, check
DMC4, check check
munchies for the install 3 checks