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Pachter: Bayonetta/Monster Hunter Fans Will Buy A Wii U Regardless of Price; Talks Wii U Success

Zelda Informer writes: Pachter seems to be really pleased with the Wii U after all the surprises Nintendo gave us yesterday, but we know PS360 Bayonetta fans were more than displeased. So what does Pachter have to say about all this? (Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Nintendo, Wii U)

JellyJelly  +   867d ago
A real analyst would say that the possibility of Bayonetta 2 going multiplat and being released on the 360/PS3 in the future is highly likely. It's most likely timed exclusivity to push the Wii-U at launch. Most people will probably hold off for a while and see what happens.
iamnsuperman  +   867d ago
Isn't Nintendo acting as the publisher????? They may not own the franchise but I suspect that a deal for Nintendo helping with the financial side of the game would be exclusivity. (Similar to Mass Effect 1 not being on the PS3)
NewMonday  +   867d ago
that is why most people will hold off and see what happens.

but Nintendo only have one year before the real next gen starts.

if only they spent another 100$ on the tech and dumped the screen fad they could have won, but they insists on driving full speed into a brick wall
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Hisiru  +   867d ago
I will have to say it again because it seems people is living in the dream world:
This time nintendo is INVESTING MONEY in the production of the game. I am sorry to say you that but the game was announced as an exclusive, the team already confirmed Nintendo will help them make the franchise even better.

You won't see this game on another platform, it's a deep collaboration between Nintendo and Platinum Games. Deal with it and stop making excuses.

It's funny that people is always saying "I have no reason to buy a WiiU" and when they get more reasons they give more excuses.

Also, PS4 and x720 will have great exclusives as well. I suspect there will be reasons to buy every console. No need to make excuses.
blue_flowers  +   867d ago
im not quite sure why people are thinking its going to head to xbox or ps3, its like micosoft publishing mass effect and sony publishing mgs4, its just one of those games thatll be exclusive. people just need to get over it. buy a wii u or dont buy a wii u, but im tired of people bitching over one damn game.
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stragomccloud  +   867d ago
@new monday. I still can't believe that people disregard the Wii U as a next gen platform. I guess then we could infer that when the PS2 was out last generation, that it was in fact 2 generations behind. Because compared to the Gamecube and the Xbox, the hardware was laughable. Yet it still held its' own. I do not believe you will actually look into the architecture of Nintendo's new system to find out out just how much more powerful the thing is when compared to current gen offerings, nor will I try to explain. Needless to say, the next offerings from Microsoft/Sony will not be nearly as powerful as people are expecting when compared to Nintendo's next gen platform.
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krautgamer  +   867d ago
NINTENDO publishes Bayonetta 2.. no way it´s gonna end up on another console
gaffyh  +   867d ago
Ninja Gaiden Sigma says hi.
vallencer  +   867d ago

Ninja gaiden sigma is also a different game. They got away with it by changing the game around and adding a bunch of new and different stuff in it.
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gaffyh  +   867d ago
Actually, it's a remake of Ninja Gaiden 2, which was published by Microsoft.
DigitalAnalog  +   867d ago
Sony also published Heavy Rain. But you won't see Heavy Rain: The Beta Chronicles on the 360 in the near future now would you?
Baka-akaB  +   867d ago
I dunno why people keep mentioning Microsoft and NG .

Nintendo as a publisher always had a way tigher grip .

Microsoft had no qualm about letting NG and mass effect go
gaffyh  +   867d ago
@digitalanalog - Probably depends on whether or not Nintendo actually owns the IP. Because Sony owns Heavy Rain IP, meaning it cannot be spun-off or released on anything else, without their permission. That was not the case for Mass Effect or Ninja Gaiden obviously.
Aceman18  +   867d ago
no i didn't like the game that much when i played it on 360, and i've never played any of the monster hunter games so i will not be buying the wii u on launch because of these two games.

i'll stick to my original plan to buy it 6mths-1yr after launch.
Getowned  +   867d ago
Monster Hunter is a good game but (IMO) you love it or hate it. I wont buy a console just for monster hunter. I can't believe anyone would buy a console just for the fact it has Bayonetta 2 XD!! that made me LOL

"why are you buying a WiiU"
For Bayonetta 2!!!
(!) O___O ... "uhh..."
Bayonetta OWNS!!
"ok than, have fun" O_o;! *Slowly walks away*
* waits for the real next gen console(PS4 & 720) *
stragomccloud  +   867d ago
At Getowned.

Very true about Monster Hunter. Though in my case, I both love and hate it. lol
Getowned  +   867d ago

I agree I'm the same way, what I hate about it is all the scavenger hunting, also didn't care for the controls on wii no matter how I played it(controler or with a Wii mote). I did enjoy it sometimes though, and I loved killing all the harder to kill monsters. I know Monster Hunter will sell systems and if I decide to get a Wii than I will probably get it.

XD but I don't see Bayonetta as a system seller, its kinda funny that someone would buy a system for just Bayonetta (IMO)
NewMonday  +   867d ago
Monster Hunter is a big franchise but the WiiU game is a port available elsewhere

and i'm a Bayonetta fan but not buying it for 360$-410$
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iamnsuperman  +   867d ago
I do not see Bayonetta being that big enough for a large majority of people to buy the system just for that game. The first one wasn't that popular and that was for multiple systems. Monster Hunter thing, on the other hand, is massive. Especially in the Asia regions
BrutallyBlunt  +   867d ago
I agree. I doubt Bayonetta 2 is much of a system seller.
stragomccloud  +   867d ago
Platinum games is one of my favorite developers. Sadly their games, while they do sell decently, never sell well enough to be very noteworthy.
gaffyh  +   867d ago
Yeah, this will probably sell decently in Japan, but Monster Hunter Tri is already available for PC and Xbox 360, so I don't see it as a big deal.
SonyNGP  +   867d ago
That's Monster Hunter Frontier. Tri (afaik) is only available on the Wii and 3DS.
gaffyh  +   867d ago
Ah right, got a little mixed up.
Sono421  +   866d ago
You're always a little mixed up...
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gaffyh  +   866d ago
@Sono - So's your face. :p

Well I knew it had been released in some form already, never really played it myself.
ronin4life  +   867d ago
By port you mean the 3ds one right?(assuming you are talking about the western market)

Monster hunter 3ultimate is a much fuller game than tri, and has a lot more content including weapons excluded from tri. It won't be a system seller by any means, but it is another solid reason to own a wiiu.
Jonmau5  +   867d ago
Monster Hunter will sell some consoles but if the price was too high then obviously less consoles would be sold.

I think the price of the extra control pads is a real concern for them.
chukamachine  +   867d ago
If you bought the wii u for bayoncrappa for freaking crazy,lol.

Monster hunter is Japans game.

So yes that is clever.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   867d ago
The problem is. The new monster hunter game is on WiiU AND 3DS. They kinda shot themselves in the foot here because a lot of people have a 3ds, so why would they buy the wiiu and the game when they can just buy the game for 3ds?
Irishguy95  +   867d ago
The 3ds sucks is why
Baka-akaB  +   867d ago
Some people dont need or want a portable monster hunter . I know you kids mostly started on psp or 3ds , but it was originally a home console game :p
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   867d ago
kid...? Dude, i'm over 20.
vallencer  +   867d ago
Vashlion don't take it so personally kid.
Baka-akaB  +   867d ago
it was more a general statement , i dont know obviously about you .

But like you find odd to play monster hunter on wii U , i find it more weird to bother with the game on portable consoles (especially with the older ones like psp , that couldnt even get a decent camera , with their lack of second stick)
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   867d ago
Ahh fair enough. Personally, I prefer gaming on my pc, so I kinda get where you're coming from.

From my personal experience though, I played MH for the first time on my psp, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It was really fun and the controls were far from bad.
Redempteur  +   867d ago
"so why would they buy the wiiu and the game when they can just buy the game for 3ds? "

Because the game has cross saves and progression between 3ds and wii U ( it's confirmed as a feature ) ?
ronin4life  +   867d ago
It will sell well. Not spectacularly, but well.

Look up monster hunter portable 3rd and monster hunter portable 3 hd. The PS3 version sold okay(hd), but the psp one sold incredibly((released first)

Except that the tri series is just a variant of those games(an arguably better one, but still a variant), so the fact that the game has basically been released 5 times now with wiiu can't be ignored either.
gamer7804  +   867d ago
Many bayonetta fans have already come out and said that due to exclusivity they will not be getting bayonetta 2 patcher.
Baka-akaB  +   867d ago
Not really , we have seen losts of people use the news to bitch , some of them if you look at their post history here alone not even actual fans of Bayonetta . So we dont actually know who said what yet

So yeah of course most people wont invest in a 350-400$ hardware , but the title along other might tip them off in the direction .

And there is such a thing as sometimes growing a base
gamer7804  +   866d ago
Sure grow a base, think Nintendo is the best publisher for their genre? I don't think so.
majiebeast  +   867d ago
Thinking bayonetta 2 is a console seller the first barely broke 2million copies, there is a reason why Sega didnt want to fund the second game.
from the beach  +   867d ago
Platinum and Capcom games will make it irresistible to most gamers, plus Nintendo's games of course. Hopefully it will pick up bonus sales just from being 'the new Wii'.
LX-General-Kaos  +   867d ago | Well said
Nintendo has done a fantastic job securing Bayonetta 2. The announcement of this game has shaken the very foundation of the gaming industry and swayed the opinions of even the hardest of the hard core Nintendo critics. It seems that the Bayonetta franchise will be losing old supporters, while at the same time gaining a new fanbase of Nintendo Elites. The online community seems to have turned into a very sensitive fragile place. A tear rolls down a cheek and falls to the floor with every bit of change the industry can muster up. Even if the change is positive news, like saving a videogame franchise.

All is well regardless of what happens on forums. Platinum Games is an amazing game development studio and I personally can not wait to obtain my very own Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive copy of Bayonetta 2. Pachter seems to be right on the money as far as real Bayonetta fans are concerned. We will do what it takes to score our copy of this amazing Nintendo brand exclusive. The same very much goes for Monster Hunter fans. As time goes on things are looking ever so positive.

The next generation of gaming looks to be one filled to the rim with controversy. Even before it officially begins this holiday season. But not for owners of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system as we will play and enjoy said offerings and not look back.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone
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Getowned  +   867d ago
LOL bubbles
Venox2008  +   867d ago
I'm real Bayonetta fan and I can't wait for this and other great games!!! whoohoo! :)
abzdine  +   867d ago
dddddd.. ddd... ddid he.......just change his mind again ?
Zichu  +   867d ago
Even though I am a fan of Bayonetta and I a have been a fan of MH since the PS2 version. I have played nearly every game in the franchise, excluding MH2, MHP3 and MHP3G. I just don't really have the patience anymore to play the JP games anymore.

MH3U just doesn't look appealing to me at the moment. I've played MHTri twice now. JP and EU versions, so playing it a third time would feel tedious. Other people are probably going through it on there second time and it will be fun for them. Me, however, I will wait till they release a proper MH game on a console, I won't be getting MH4, don't fancy getting another console to play one game in the series that will then change to another system...
tehpees3  +   867d ago
Oh dear. Does this mean Nintendo won't dominate the Japanese market next gen? Everything he says the exact opposite happens. Now I'm concerned :P
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ronin4life  +   867d ago
Me too. 0.0
pandaboy  +   867d ago
<3 Pachter
No_Pantaloons  +   867d ago
That's the kind of thinking that left $600 ps3's sitting on the store self and sony falling to 3rd place this gen.
Infiny  +   867d ago
I have to agree on this one... I'm not a big Nintendo fan these days because of the Wii, however I'm very inclined to buy the Wii U now. Even if Bayonetta 2 is a time exclusive (which I think it is), it now has a very impressive line-up for his first semester, a lot more impressive than the PS3 and Xbox 360 actually.

Anyway, I'll probably buy the Wii u, PS4 and X720 anyways... Fanboy allegiance sucks, people need to enjoy everything they can, even if the Wii sucks as a whole, it too has some really great games you can enjoy.

I can honestly say that the biggest villain in the game industry today is NOT the Big Three and their new consoles, in fact... We have to support them all if we want to stay playing great console/PC games in the future.
Venox2008  +   867d ago
I agree on many facts, buuut... Nintendo is publishing this,so no way it's gonna be timed exclusive it will be just exclusive :)
Infiny  +   867d ago
Yeah, I know that too... But it has happened before, a X game published by X publisher and later on published on other platform by another publisher.

Anyway, for me it is a win / win situation for everybody right now: For Nintendo which now has another great game and for Platinum Games and Bayonetta that are now allowed to have another game.
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Gr81  +   867d ago
Can usually take to the bank the exact opposite of what Pachter says.

PS3 would dominate this gen.

3DS launch price was Ideal.

Vita would take over the handheld market.

And now this.
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ronin4life  +   867d ago
In this case he flip flopped from a hardest stance...
I'd say is is 50/50 on this one... in the right direction but still far off...@.@

Unless this is one of those 1% moments were he is actually right...O.o
rezzah  +   867d ago
That's a shame. Despite my love for MH I will never buy a console or handheld just for a MH title.

Waste of money.
opinska  +   867d ago
patcher is a moron and always will be
saphiron  +   867d ago
Patcher: I think Wii was 50% casual, 50% core; 360 was 65/35; PS3 85/15?

Silly man. Maby if he'd switch the Wii and ps3 numbers.

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