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Wii U Deluxe Package Sold Out at GameStop; Walmart Creates Expensive Bundle

TheHDRoom: "The early bird gets to pick up a Nintendo Wii U Deluxe package from their local GameStop at midnight on November 18. The rest of us will have to concoct a plan "B."" (GameStop, Wal-Mart, Wii U)

XB1_PS4  +   1053d ago
You kidding me you bastards! I want the deluxe version. Man you all are quick the draw.
camel_toad  +   1053d ago
Funny I casually got mine at GameStop yesterday, no waiting outside or anything crazy and the sales rep said I was the only person at the time that had even pre-ordered it.

Now I just have to actually get excited about it. Tough to when ZombiU n Pikmin are really the only games I'm caring about as far as launch titles go.
chrisgay  +   1053d ago
Is Pikmin actually a launch title? I heard it slipped in 2013. Seriously bad news if true.
camel_toad  +   1053d ago

Oh crap you're right. That sucks...
MmaFan-Qc  +   1053d ago
i will wait at least 5-6 months after the console release to get it.

after the wii release borefest, nintendo wont fool me again.
TheRealSpy  +   1053d ago
Nintendo learned from their experience with Wii that if you artificially create demand by massively limiting supply, the sheeple will think that makes the system good and will flock to it.

something tells me it won't work out the same way this time though. the early adopters will get it, there will be a few launch titles, then...crickets.
Crazyglues  +   1053d ago
ha..ha.. my brother just got he last one at best buy this morning... site now says SOLD OUT!

how crazy is that... wow those things are selling like hot cakes...

dam.. Looks like Nintendo is about to do it again..

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TheRealSpy  +   1053d ago
if by "do it again" you mean trick stupid people into thinking the system is in high demand by only making a couple hundred thousand units available, then yes, you are right.
DeadlyFire  +   1052d ago
I can see people drawing blood after thanksgiving on Black Friday sales day.

This is what happens when games get Mature Nintendo. haha.

For the doubters WiiU is at least 50 times as powerful as the Wii.

My WiiU favs are Super Mario U, Lego City Stories, ZombiU, and CoD. Nice combo there right. :P
BrutallyBlunt  +   1053d ago
It will be interesting how things go this holiday season.
jaymart2k  +   1053d ago
I can see it aleady.

Mom & Dads at Black Friday, where's the Wii U only to find out it's sold out.

Then comes the Ebay people making 2-3 times the money.
ninjabake  +   1053d ago
PlayStation 2 and Wii launch all over again LOL I can literally see the sign on the door already "Wii u: Awaiting further stock" we shall see how Nintendo holds up during the holidays it looks good so far but they MUST meet demand if preorders are sold out now, what do they think its gonna be like when the hype train rolls in with the heavy promotion?
ipe  +   1053d ago
So sales around 100k from gamestop if its true 4 every store.
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jaymart2k  +   1053d ago
Try like 20-30 every Gamestop

Wal-Mart,Target,etc get 5-10
ronin4life  +   1053d ago
Were are you guys getting these numbers? O.o
ipe  +   1053d ago
Every gs gets 20 units for launch.
ronin4life  +   1053d ago
How do you know?? Did a GameStop person say something? Now I feel left out...
°[]°// |__|,,,,

...please? @.@;;;
TheRealSpy  +   1053d ago
sure are a lot of suckers out there
DeadlyFire  +   1052d ago
I can see WiiU taking a real stand as the 2ndary console of this generation for my home.

Sure its not aiming to be running Unreal Engine 4 at a high resolution or loaded up with RAM, but it looks good. Hardware should be at least 50x what the Wii can do. What other console developer can say they have made a quantum leap in power like that. When and if they do reveal final specs they have lots of material to market the WiiU. I am thinking its based off the R700 series with a AMD 4860M type specs. It doesn't fit into the whole 5x the last console generation. It goes beyond that and proves that Nintendo might be ready to hit the bigger leagues with its next round. Their aim is to likely hit a PS2 like success.
stuntman_mike  +   1053d ago
it's a shame USA doesnt get the zombi u premium package, that cost's £350.
sandman224  +   1053d ago
Question. If I pre order a wii u, does that guarantee I get a console first day of release?
ninjabake  +   1053d ago
Yes. Same applies for any accessories or games you pre-order with the system.
shaun mcwayne  +   1053d ago
i think ill wait to see what ms and sony announce first, then make up my mind on what to buy first.
playlikemario  +   1053d ago
see i knew this was going to happen, all these people that said that Wii U wasn't going to be shit when it comes out and they saying all these mean things about Nintendo are going to get bitten in the ass on this one. i already preordered my deluxe Wii U about 20 minutes before the conference was over cause i knew that if i procrastinated i would be S.O.L. and its a midnight release as well? that is perfect i can play my Wii U all night long and maybe even take that weekend off at my job. maybe. i am super excited and it is going to be a sucessful launch.
mcstorm  +   1053d ago
Im glad its going to sell well i really like the look of it and im going to get one around xmas time. The one bad thing i see from the wiiu selling well is that people will look at a wiiu instead of a psv. I know one os home and other is handheld but i do see the wiiu stopping psv sales because of the price and i dont want any of them to fail but i do think if the psv sales dont pickup over xmas it could get dropped.

I now need to decide what games to get with the wiiu now.
spike  +   1053d ago
Best Buy still has it.
rataranian  +   1053d ago
shackdaddy  +   1053d ago
Not any more. They just sold out too...
spike  +   1053d ago
And Sandman yes if you preorder it you will have it the first day.
ronin4life  +   1053d ago
I pre ordered of target.com. Online preorders are just as guaranteed, right??
smashman98  +   1053d ago
Does anyone know if Wal-Mart charges right away or when it ships
DivineAssault  +   1053d ago
Dont worry guys.. If u want one & cant find it, ill gladly get one for u.. Let the bidding begin @ say $450
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ronin4life  +   1053d ago
Some guy on eBay started at 900...
young7yang  +   1053d ago
I just got the Basic version.. Traded in my Wii for 50 and put the rest of the money down.. frankly speaking it has an sd slot so you can add as much HD space as you want, as far as the stand goes ill order it from china and the cradle for under 15 dollars. and don't forget you if you have a portable USB hard drive it will be compatible with the Wii u.

In other words the only real reason you'll get the black version is for the hd space, color and extra cradle.
rainslacker  +   1053d ago
You also get the NintendoLand game, and I believe some 2 year subscription to some online thing I know nothing about.
young7yang  +   1052d ago
true but im not buying a wii u for nintendo land

im getting it for bayonetta and ninja gaiden 3 razor edge
rainslacker  +   1052d ago
I wasn't criticizing. I was just pointing out what else you get besides a stand and color choice.

Honestly this morning when the Deluxe was sold out I felt it was a sign that I shouldn't spend money on another system this year. However spending all day working I realized that the extra money didn't provide me with anything I really care about. The extra storage maybe, but I already have an external HD so I'm OK there. So after work I went and reserved a basic model.:)
young7yang  +   1052d ago
i feel yea on that one
mamotte  +   1053d ago
It's amazing how bad the WiiU is selling. I knew it was doomed since the beggining. And all the hardcore are going to ignore it. And the casuals. And pretty much everyone else in the world.

End sarcam.
DivineAssault  +   1053d ago
They probably are ignoring it.. Theres limited quantities of the deluxe edition & theyre sold out of preorders @ gamestop.. Not anywhere else.. Plus the white one is everywhere still.. The fans will buy it up easily around 1 million in each region.. after that is when everyone will see if it can hang.. I want one too but will wait til i see how many core titles keep getting announced.. I hope they get borderlands 2 & DOA 5.. If i see that & maybe tomb raider & RE6, i will buy the system immediately.. Til then, its gonna have to wait.. They burned me too many times.. Theyre off to a great start tho.. Im starting to have a little bit of faith that they will keep their word about catering to the core.. Just a few more announcements is all im waiting for
ronin4life  +   1053d ago
I think it is sold out everywhere else, judging by the comments here.
3-4-5  +   1053d ago
The faster they sell out the faster we get the 2nd shipment.
Gen0ne  +   1053d ago
Knew this was gonna happen.

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