4 Ways the IPhone 5 Benefits Gaming

The IPhone has made a huge impact in the accessibility and portability of video games. The newest installment of the device, the IPhone 5, has several additions and changes from previous phones. Some think that these new changes are taking a step back in gaming, when it’s actually taking a step forward.

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godofboobees2282d ago

Still not better than gaming on a vita or a 3ds. Omg angry birds on a bigger screen at 60fps drool

TheGamingArt2281d ago

As of now no, it isn't. Strictly because no one has gone out of the way to make games that truly take advantage on a hard core level the interface of just a touch screen with the online integration everyone else has. I plan on helping changing that thought though ;)

TopDudeMan2282d ago

Longer life span doesn't benefit gaming. The sooner iOS dies, the sooner these indie game devs can start making real games. No snobbishness meant.

And reason 3 and 4 should really be bundled into 1.

So really what they have here are 2 reasons why the iphone 5 is better than the iphone 4 and 1 reason why gamers are doomed. Not the 4 reasons why iphone 5 benefits gaming we were promised.

leathers1232281d ago

You forgot to bash Android indie developers.

TheGamingArt2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

This is an awful thing to say. iOS doesn't need to die, someone needs to prove that hardcore games can thrive on the device. Most people in your state have no idea how amazing the device actually is (and how amazing the dev kit is). Simply put, it's the best device I've ever programmed for. All we need to do is have the right people make the right push with the right kinda games! (no more crap flooding the market)

JBSleek2282d ago

I personally think the iPhone 5 is great for gaming as it makes indie games cheaper and readily available and it is one of the most most powerful devices out right now which is sadly likely to change in a few months but that's how technology goes.

This elitist state of mind that if it isn't on 3DS or Vita than it is garbage and needs to die off is very idiotic and defers competition as this makes the entire industry better off. If people like gaming on mobile then let them.

Xperia_ion2282d ago

I agree with this statement.

ninjabake2282d ago

3DS & Vita> Android > iPhone when it comes to gaming.

leathers1232281d ago

This statement smells like an a week old ice cream sandwich.... See what I did there.

Vita = basically dead
3DS = another mindless gimic

and android? Go try and update, humour me.

The iOS platform does aid indie developers. However it only benefits mobile gaming.

Hicken2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

How did anything you say refute his claim?

The Vita and 3DS are the best portable gaming devices on the market. Damn sales; these two devices are many times more capable than any smartphone or tablet FOR GAMING. That's not debatable. And Android's open setup is better than iOS in nearly every way.

Edit @Dfooster: Don't you DARE insult Knightly by comparing her to an iPhone!

Edit2: Note that I said FOR GAMING. I know you like to purposely misunderstand what I say, but I doubt it can truly be argued that iOS is better for mobile gaming than Android is.

And I don't support console gaming "over" PC gaming, ignorant one. Get your facts straight... as if that'll ever happen.

ninjabake2281d ago

I'm fine with your negative opinion towards the dedicated handheld devices (how the 3DS is a gimmick and Vita isn't, even tho the vita has got far more gears and gadgets than 3DS, is beyond me) but either way you didn't really refute my claim so I'm OK with what you said.

BrutallyBlunt2281d ago

Hicken, Android is not better than IOS in alsmost every single way. That's like saying the PC is better in every single way compared to console gaming. Since IOS is more controlled much like your PS3, that means games are likely to have less issues since you don't have multiple operating systems to worry about and different hardware set-ups.

If you support Android so much over IOS then why do you support console gaming so much over PC gaming?

Dfooster2282d ago

If the galaxy S3 were a woman it would be Pamela Anderson with its plasticky looks and huge oversized (t*ts) err screen whereas the iPhone 5 would probably be Keira knightly with its natural and understated appearance.

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