Wii U: Can You Afford it in 2 Months?

With the Wii U coming out on November 18th, some people who are strapped for cash are wondering how they will be able to afford the $300 system. This article discusses a few honest ways to make the money in time for the Wii U release

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T9002285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Lol why would i spend hard earned money on 5 years old tech. My current PC easily is 2-3 gens ahead of the Wii U. Its probably even ahead of the Xbox 720 and the PS4(but thats another matter and will be confirmed once the specs are released).

Previously when consoles used to get released they used to be atleast on par with mid range PCs(mid range PCs used to cost about 700usd back then). Today even low end PCs are darn powerful and have much better specs than the ones announced for Wii U, Low end gaming PCs would cost 500usd max. So why Dish out 350usd for such old hardware.

Lets keep in mind previously consoles used to really use unique tech, now all they are doing is taking old tech from the PC industry and selling it on a locked down platform. So again why pay so much for old tech that has been placed in a locked down platform? doesnt make sense to me.

steve30x2285d ago

The next xbox and PS4 wont be brand new tech either. It will be at least two gens behind the latest PC hardware just like it was with the PS3 and Xbox 360

T9002285d ago

Xbox 360 was pretty much on par with Mid to high range PCs of its time. This was because Xbox launched earlier.

PS3 was 1 gens behind by the time it launched, Since the 8800GTX launched just before the PS3. 8800GTX essentially made PS3 and Xbox 360 obsolete.

However i do agree that the next consoles will probably be lagging further behind. This is due to several reasons:

1. Price- MS and Sony both wont want to be launching hardware at a loss any more, even they do take a hit it would be minimal.

2. Heat mitigation, Power requirements- Even if they decide to take a hit on hardware and go all out. They will either need to make the next consoles alot bigger or they will need to defy physics. Any PC gamer worth a dam will tell you todays high end GPUs and CPUs are producing alot more heat and require alot more power then high end parts did few years ago. There is a reason why Intel as a CPU maker now recommends closed loop water coolers for their high end CPUs, they never did this few years back.

Hence to make a powerful console, console makers would have to go for large size casing (like todays gaming PCs have). This would be required to mitigate all the heat being produced. Closed small casing such as current consoles would no way provide the airflow required to cool todays high end parts. Also since power requirements are up, todays high end parts need good PSUs (not the plastic boxes you see in consoles).

Hence not only are their cost concerns, there are physical constraints in making a powerful console. Anyone not having experience with new hardware (people gaming on consoles), for first hand experience should see high end PC parts in action and perhaps feel the heat being generated. Without that heat being mitigated you will be looking for RRODs and YLODs.