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Submitted by FXGAMESKILLEEN 1244d ago | opinion piece

Sony’s Ideology: Put the Gamers First and how it will help them next generation

Sony’s Ideology and why PlayStation gamers are so adamant about the brand. (Next-Gen, PS3, Sony)

Phil32  +   1244d ago
"PlayStation gamers are so adamant about the brand."

What a glamorous way of putting it.
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under taker 34  +   1244d ago
This all just speculations on what the ps4 could be, the reality is the actual big spending budget going on. sony has been taking hits and still puts them selves in harms way. PSP-vita, 380 million spent, ps3 still to expensive to drop and now ps4?

If Microsoft was to go out on a limb to have a massive console budget, i would assure you it would not hurt them as a whole company one bit. they reap tons on their software and services, not to mention their console has by now turned into an overly milked profit.

....and i wouldn't even get started on Nintendo, it seems both MS and Nintendo have learned from each other a bit over the years. but i can assure you neither will hit bankruptcy for the next 10 years.

how will sony work this when they have now 2 playstation consoles with blu-ray players inside of both, and both be expensive for them to take care of on the market?

not to mention how will sony want their developers to split on the development time for each device they send out? something's got to give.
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1244d ago
If Sony really put the gamers first they would have worked more with actual game developers and not have hardware that they continue to struggle with 5 years later. They also would not have told gamers to work harder so they could afford one either.

Yes they focused more on exclusives and getting new IP's this generation but those games only count for a small percentage of overall available software. However i do think they are in a great position going into next generation. Just as long as the hardware is afforable and it's not difficult for programmers.
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telekineticmantis  +   1244d ago
Everybodies adamant about there favorite brand.
are we gonna pretend to be naive like Xbox, and nintendo fans aren't. Microsoft doesn't even make core games anymore, and it still sells consoles and games like Hotcakes. That's adamant gamers, they buy games they don't care for.
FXGAMESKILLEEN  +   1244d ago
Thx phil32 hope u enjoyed it
tokugawa  +   1244d ago
you will do well on here with your sony love blogs.

dont forget to throw a few live-vs-psn blogs on here for those hits either.

really, you have just found the n4g hit leecher goldmine

lol I just read your blog. what a load fanboy, wrote especially for n4g drivel. ffs give it a rest. sony doesnt need an army of demented kids hero worshipping them.

it needs hordes of people buying their products to pull them out of the red.

and n4g needs real news, real moderation and less fanboy inspired blogs
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Phil32  +   1244d ago
I meant it was a nice way of saying they are fanboys. I didn't read the article as I tend to stay away from company zealot sites. N4G already gives me enough of that crap as evident by one person in this very story's comments who writes like he's 8 and has received a fair amount of Agrees.

It's cool to be enthused about a publisher you like, but when you start doing free PR for them, something is ridiculously wrong.

Face it. People on N4G would rather play console/fanboy wars than actual video games. It's sad, and it makes me embarrassed to be associated with gamers. I anxiously await disagrees from people whose nerves I struck with that factual reality.

EDIT: I think my commenting on this site is over. This is just awful, embarrassingly so and consistently lowers my thoughts on the manbabies that are gamers.
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MDC31  +   1244d ago
i sense a disappearing act from sony next gen
wiiu_peeu  +   1244d ago
i sense a butthurt nintendo fan mad at the world tht skeptics were right and wiiu is barely more powerfull thn current gen 7 year old gen lol 5xs more powerful yeah right lol

listen ps3 will still wipe the floor with wiiu games lol
and oh yeah welcome to hd finally bwahhhhhh lol

Reggie taught u well lol too bad no time soon will wiiu have games as good as uc2
KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1244d ago
Well Said
omarzy  +   1244d ago
Not a single comma or period can be seen.
wiiu_peeu  +   1244d ago
But ii can see nintendos milk on your lips. Lol see what i did omarzy? Thats directed at you.
omarzy  +   1244d ago
@wiiu_peeu. Lol see what i did(Insert comma) omarzy? Yes, i do see. You responded to my comment.
FXGAMESKILLEEN  +   1244d ago
we shall see :)
PirateThom  +   1244d ago
Considering Sony are the only platform holder really pushing new titles, even with the worst financials, what a disaster it would be to gaming in general to reward laziness and punishing a platform holder at least ATTEMPTING to make games.
wiiu_peeu  +   1244d ago
worst financials? yes thy have lost money but u do knw sony corp is like 79 on forbes 500. Ihope you knw what tht means. Not2mention gaming is one of thier most solid divisions and thyve stated thy are backing it 10000000 percent. Dont read an article about a quarterly loss and equate it to a fiscal year loss. 2011 gaming divisionmwas profitable. although it was at a loss one quarter same will be this year.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1244d ago
There was a lot of hate directed at the PS3 at launch that's stillgoing strong today, for whatever reason.
Console launch price was high but putting in the best tech to 'future-proof' the PS3 was NEVER going to be cheap. I expect the same philosophy with the PS4. Personally, I have no problem with that.
Regarding the comparative 'quality' of the early multiplat games; again it was only to be expected when they were developed on the 360 and ported to PS3, largely (and understandably) by developers struggling with 'alien' tech.
PS3, the Playstation network et al, has come a long way, made mistakes but never really wavered from the idea that console gaming is all about GAMES.
That's not a fanboy statement but one that reflects that Sony have justified my choice of their console.
Brettman2008  +   1244d ago
The problem with Sony's choice of hardware was that it was so unique (compared to PC/Xbox) developers just weren't prepared to put the effort in (and cop the extra expense). Thats why multi-plats have been mostly better on Xbox 360. Like the Xbox 360, the lack of RAM is the killer and why we are close to the limit on performance. A PS3 with 1GB of shared RAM would have been a killer combination though. I think that Sony lost their way after the PS1 hardwise. The PS2 with its hard to program 'emotion engine' lead to the PS3 hardware choices, in my opinion.
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kikizoo  +   1244d ago
"thats why multi-plats have been mostly better on Xbox 360."

only in fanboy'z heads, in reality most of multi are the same...but, with better hardware and exclusives, you are right, multi should have been also better than competition..

"put the gamer first" :

nobody can't deny that..
yokokoroma  +   1244d ago
This is not entirely true, there has been a disconnect between SONY and the gamers who support them, this gen. This can be seen in the games themselves (i.e. the life force of the console) which are not what they were last gen. Yes, you have SCEA, SCEE, developed 1st party games, but the previous two gens leader is absent, SCEJ or rather Japanese developers in general. The SCE divisions are broken, when instead, they should be a unified whole. I agree with the fact that, SONY's making and keeping online and access to PSN free, is great. However, faulting them for not offering demos for every game on the PSN is trival. The demo model SONY uses for games, is the same one set forth with the original PS, which is demos for select games (i.e. Jam packs or PS Underground demo disc). In most cases, the games they or the games publishers think will be the most popular. In the end, I say it's 50/50 (this gen), SONY's not against PS gamers, but their not for PS gamers either.

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