Microsoft Drops Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Price To $129.99

Microsoft has officially dropped the price of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player from $179.99 to $129.99.

The new price will go into effect immediately in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Tempist3728d ago

I guess it was a little folly to make a choice like this for a console.

Cwalat3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

this is i think the most pathetic move by microsoft yet...

instead of making an announcement that they will stop supporting Hd-DVD they announce a pricedrop of about 49$ ?

DarkSniiper3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I think Xriderbc said it best on his post on Fatwallet found here "It is so tiring to hear people say HD-DVD is dead, just because of media hype... what's really sad is it is working though, because it makes the uninformed buyer scared that it's true, so it will become true. The ironic thing is, when Sony had betamax, which was the superior technology, it was outdone because of marketing. This time around, HD-DVD had the better tech, and hype is making it die. I guess Sony learned it's lesson last time around. Sad thing is, the consumer will be the loser if BD has no competition, and Sony has it's copy protected nightmare become the standard. They've already shown they don't care about the consumer with the rootkit they put on their previous copy protection scheme, causing stability problems for people, and denying it existed until someone proved it was there. They've also come up with a proprietary technology for just about everything they produce, making it more expensive to use.

And yet, people keep gleefully saying "HD-DVD is dead." I guess if I had horribly overpaid for a blue ray player inside a PS3, I would be sighing relief if it looked like BD might stay around too. How many people know that Blue Ray needed the extra disc space because of it's horrible audio compression, that took over half of the disk just for the sound track? Not many, it seems. They just hear "blue ray discs have more storage space than HD-DVD". Jeeez."


Why o why3728d ago

DarkSniper has a stalker (fake clone) already

MS says they WILL make money off you no matter what

GIJeff3728d ago

When someone says HD-DVD has the better tech, thats when that article and writer fail. Blu-Ray has ALWAYS had the better tech. 25gb vs. 50? gee...

Blu-Ray can go far beyond 2 layers, 4 and beyond has already been done. 200gb on optical media isnt bad, and its far better tech than HD-DVD. Face it, the superior format has one this time around, and we should all be happy.

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wageslave3728d ago

And the heat keeps coming. As we saw on the Super Bowl commercial, you can buy a $150 stand-alone player at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and others -- its no surprise that MS would price this unit relative to that.

The benefits to consumers is compelling;

HD-DVD players upscale your current libraries.
HD-DVD discs play on your current players (but at standard DVD quality).
HD-DVDs cost less to make and cost less for the player.

I personally want what benefits me more (HD-DVD) than what benefits the MPAA and RIAA more.

This is far from "over".

Hatchetforce3728d ago

You forgot to add that HD DVD is the losing format and won't be supported next gen when MS goes Blu ray. Good thing you are not a financial advisor.

fenderputty3728d ago

this in any way other then a last ditch effort from a sinking format. They loose on every front regardless of what price drops they make. Who cares about the super bowl footage? In a couple months, HD-DVD won't have even close to the amount of material on the shelves that BD offers. It's loosing studio support including TDK who won't produce any of the re-writable disks. Bestbuy and other stores are stipping HD-DVD from their shelves to give more space for BD. Not only is HD-DVD sinking, it's sinking fast. I don't even need to bring up how bad it's stinking over seas do I?

marinelife93728d ago

LOL @ "as we saw"

No we didn't see a $150 HD-DVD commercial during the superbowl because Toshiba couldn't fund the nationwide plan so they had to go with the regional package. I'm sure fox told them the regional package was just as good and to write the check out to BDA supporter inc.

Microsoft and Toshiba are better off selling these on an infomercial for $19.99 With all the free movies they giveaway they can add in quite a few "BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE" plugs.

Graphics by ATi3728d ago

Hey Wageslave, only special HD DVD / DVD combo disks play on regular DVD players.

Normal HD DVD disks will NOT, I repeat, NOT play on standard DVD players.

You may stop your blind support of HD DVD now. It's ok, we promise.

GIJeff3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

upscales normal DVDs beautifully, AND it plays the superior Blu-Ray discs...wage = fail.

oh, and by "plays hddvd in standard dvd" you mean side 2? this further backs claims that like the 360, hd-dvd is dvd.5, or, xbox.5. I choose whole steps forward when upgrading.

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laryforlife3728d ago

honestly hd-dvd is cheaper, and the same picture quality as blu ray also with dual format hd and dvd on one disc, why is hd-dvd not winning? It will be as cheap as dvd players soon.

jinn3728d ago

who gives a crap about movie platforms?

moujahed3728d ago

50$ OFF!!! If they wanna move these units they should've just made is 50$.

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