What to do when your console is near death's door?

This is the question all gamers ask one day or another, do we replace a broken system? Gamers are reaching the end of this console era, so is it worth it to get another console or should we just make do and wait for a new one? What are the best options when the console is repairable?

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Sonyslave32280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I feel kinda dirty but i sold my xbox360 back in 2007 to a friend of mines n it was showing signs of dieing for 150$.

Hey at least got to play halo 3 for 1 day

NukaCola2280d ago

My classic fatty 60gig Ps3 yellowed don me after 4 years. I used a 7 video YouTube guide to repair it. Then I got my game out, saved all the data I could and then took it too Gamestop. They flipped out because it was a backwards compatible PS3. I got over $200+ dollars for it, so I bought the LBP/inFAMOUS 250gig. I also traded those in a different GS and got credit and bought another game since I already owned them. I think I got a good deal over all. It was sad, but I was meaning to upgrade anyway and I got a good long time with the original.

kube002280d ago

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

PopRocks3592280d ago

Sell it if possible. Sold off a 360 with broken USB ports to Gamestop for a solid $100.

Megaton2280d ago

You get mad and start gaming on PC again. Worked for me.

dcortz20272280d ago

Start saving up for a next-gen console, or if it's early in the the current gen then sell it off as is while you still can!

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The story is too old to be commented.