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Relientk772200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Omg it looks like there is no achievement for collecting all 100 feathers/flags whatever. Thank god, I hated those.

xPhearR3dx2200d ago

You and me both. I wish there was more of an incentive to collect them rather than just an achievement. Especially since damn never every open world game has them now.

CaptainSheep2200d ago

Less annoying MP trophies. Awesome!

Relientk772200d ago

I wish there was no multiplayer achievements/trophies at all :-/ like in Assassin's Creed 2.

M1chl2200d ago

Man that looks good, almost all cheevos are SP. Looking forward to collect 'm all : ) (If the game is going to be good, of course)

MattyG2200d ago

Sounds like the Desmond missions might actually be good this time.