Project Enternity hits half of its Kickstarter goal in only six hours

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is bloody amazing. Obsidian’s Project Eternity has managed to surpass half of its Kickstarter goal in only six hours. Project Eternity’s goal is 1.1 million dollars and the amount that has been pledged is currently around 650K dollars. It’s safe to say that the game will be funded, and we’re pretty sure that this will happen this weekend."

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grailly2285d ago

boot camp is nice, but it's always better to not have to switch OS to play a game

markoghc2285d ago

It's interesting how they got all this money in such a short time without even one in-game screenshot, let alone gameplay video. I personally liked how they seem to put focus on Planescape: Torment in their Kickstarter video. Looks like they want to make this game old school, which is a good thing, considering that Bioware seems to go in a different direction.

MDC312285d ago

sony should fund their ps4 through kickstarter

Summons752285d ago

ugh who in their right mind gives money to Obsidian, they are incapable of making good and functioning games.

Skizelli2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Most of their titles were IPs they didn't create themselves. This will be an all-new IP of their own, so they're free to do anything they want with it.

And I'm guessing so many people want this (me included) because 1) it has an all-star cast of developers behind it and 2) there hasn't been a good isometric RPG in a very long time.

Summons752285d ago

Alpha protocol was new and theirs and it was still a buggy mess of a game.

Skizelli2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

They also made KOTOR 2, NWN2 and Fallout: New Vegas. While not original IPs, I'd say that makes up for it. A lot of the folks at Obsidian are responsible for some of the greatest isometric RPGs in video game history, and that's why people are willing to give them their money. The only game they've done that's remotely in the same ballpark is NWN2, and that wasn't their IP. Just imagine what these great minds can do with a decent budget, creative freedom, and by going back to their roots.

Infiny2285d ago

Good for them! I gave 25 USD. :)

Kickstarter surely is changing things for the best for developers all around the world.

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