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Submitted by timothylittle 1245d ago | news

Hacked Vita Runs Pirated PSP Games

The PS Vita was recently found running pirated PSP games, according to a leaked YouTube video. confirmed the video as being legit. (PS Vita, PSP, PSP console, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment America)

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prototypeknuckles  +   1245d ago
im actualy excited for this not for pirating but because sony wants me pay for all of the psp games i already bought all over again because they wont release the transfer device her in the US.
-Mika-  +   1245d ago
Ya im kinda happy about this but then again im not. I never owned a psp so playing Kingdom hearts,final fantasy crisis core and more psp games that aren't on the psn store is a huge plus for me. Then again this might be used to try to get free vita roms and I don't really approve of that.
guitarded77  +   1245d ago
While I am not a supporter of pirating, I can certainly respect not wanting to pay for something twice. Here's a crazy idea that will never happen. What if you could mail your physical copy to Sony in exchange for a product voucher code. I know, it's a lame ass idea, but was just thinking about it.
dredgewalker  +   1245d ago
Or maybe Sony should find a way to authenticate that you have a legitimate copy of a psp game so they can give you a free download of that game. Maybe they can make a program that you can install in your psp so you can insert your game and have it authenticated and sent via wifi.
decrypt  +   1245d ago
"Or maybe Sony should find a way to authenticate that you have a legitimate copy of a psp game so they can give you a free download of that game. "

Lol why would Sony do that, they know Console gamers are gluttons for punishment haha.
ronin4life  +   1245d ago
They did do that.
For Japan only. And only with games that were on the store for purchase. And you had to pay a small fee.
ABizzel1  +   1244d ago
My guess is PS+ for Vita will remedy a lot of this. PS+ will probably give 10% - 20% discounts on the current library of Vita games, and offer plenty of free PS Mini's, PS1 classics, and PSP games. As well as 50% off discounts for some of the top selling games on those consoles / PSN.

So that should help ease the pain, but thankfully I bought a PSP Go and so a lot of my PSP games were downloads.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1244d ago
No one is forcing you.
If you want to play those PSP UMDs so bad why don't you play them on your PSP?

Sony isn't forced to do anything. Just like Nintendo can get rid of GBA compatibility on new DSs and GameCube compatibility on new Wiis. They're giving the option to download PSP games to those who may not have played them before or those who got rid of theirs. Not Sony's fault.

Did you complain when they made you pay for all the movies you already own on VHS to watch on DVD?
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prototypeknuckles  +   1244d ago | Well said
well here's the thing they deliberately release a transfer device in japan but for people in america and Europe they pretty much said fuck you, look i love Sony i think they are the best out of the big 3 but i call them out on bullshit, its gamers like you that are whats wrong with this industry today you think that the developer is always right and that even one little complaint is bitching do us all a favor and stop sucking sonys cock.
Pillsbury1  +   1245d ago
I just ordered my ps vita from eBay even though there are no games that I would immediately want for it yet. Sony just needs to be fair and let all the back catalog of games we already own be able to be on vita... So much potential unfortunately Sony is lagging... Sony4life.
Hicken  +   1245d ago
How is that being fair? How can you prove you own all those games and didn't just borrow them from someone else? You gonna mail Sony copies of receipts and bank statements showing when you bought Crisis Core?

And how about you look at the publishers sometimes, too? Breath of Fire III isn't on there, because it wouldn't pass QA as-is: some nudity(although nothing really to speak of) and other things prevent it from being released digitally. Sucks cuz it's one of my favorite games ever. But I'm not blaming Sony or even Capcom; shit happens.

Seriously, people get lazy/cheap and then go off and blame whoever for whatever.

And why the hell are you buying a system if there are no games you want? What wrong with you? What's wrong with gamers this gen? Next thing you know, you'll be complaining about how disappointed you are that none of the games on the Vita are worth buying.

It's like trying to teach math in a nuthouse...
BrutallyBlunt  +   1244d ago
You can prove it with your Sony online account. Welcome to the future where consumers can actually take their purchases from one device to another. Can you imagine if you bought a new IPod and weren't able to transfer your old ITunes music you bought?

You make me laugh Hicken, on one hand you go on about how this generation was awful because of DLC and other shady tactics but here you are still defending anything related to Sony.
topekomsi  +   1244d ago
Damn, lol u mad bro?
Pillsbury1  +   1244d ago
So let me get this straight, you would rather repurchase games you already own then be able to transfer them to the new system? because there is a way. Why would I buy a system if there are no games I want? Because Im a sony faithful and I KNOW there will be amazing exclusives down the road like with all previous playstations.
smashcrashbash  +   1245d ago
Well Sony will just release a patch and block it just like they always do.Why go through all the stress of constantly being blocked all the time and having to wait for hackers to fix it and just keep going back and forth. Just pay for the PSP games or don't. How fast Sony is doing or isn't is irrelevant.Nothing they do give you the right to pirate games on the VITA. I never understand the contradiction of the right to do something that is wrong.
tubers  +   1245d ago
Because what's "wrong" for some aren't for others.

Simple as that.

I don't think PSP ISOs would hurt the VITA.. far from it actually.. (since not PSP games you may own are on PSN).

but if they suddenly announce a VITA ISO hack.. that's a completely different story.
SAE  +   1245d ago
Since i can't use my own account / i don't have online games / no remote feature then i wouldn't see the difference if i hacked it , block means nothing to me , i already can't communicate or play with my friends ...
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19993568  +   1245d ago
Here's what i play my PSP games on.
If you don't want to buy your PSP games again, use this...

Related image(s)
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taquito  +   1245d ago
i play my psp games on this;

and my ps2 games
and gamecube
and wii
and ds
and ps1
and nes, snew, genisis ect...ect....
SandWitch  +   1245d ago
How do you play your PSP games on PC if there's no proper emulator on it? JPCSP can run a few PSP games, but that's it.
BoNeSaW23  +   1244d ago
NO you don't.
Not with sound and locked framerates on some of those systems you mentioned.
Qrphe  +   1245d ago
Well, I guess this would be the only way of getting Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core on the Vita atm.
DragonKnight  +   1245d ago
Bu...bu...but hacking doesn't lead to piracy... right? /s
darkpower  +   1245d ago
There's a stark issue that this brings up: why should you have to pay for things TWICE?

This is a lot more tricky to know what to do because the people who could be pirating the stuff might actually be legit owners of the physical copy and want a digital counterpart so they can play it on the newer system.

What do you do? Call them criminals because they should have to give them money to rebuy something, or do you see that there is a demand for a way to transfer or "rip" a PSP game to the Vita?

Let's say I have a PSP game sitting on my shelf that I want to play on the Vita. Currently, I have no PSP because I "traded up" to the Vita. The game is not exactly up on the Store right now (or up there for whatever the going price is right now, whichever you prefer). So I go and I find the ISO for the game I currently do own, I put it on my Vita, and I now got that very same game that I did buy legitimately, but just in a new form, and the only reason why I took that leap was because I had no other option other than re-buy a PSP, and why do that when the easier option is currently available?

I think this is a sign that Sony should do what the MPAA has been doing lately with movies: have a movie contain both the physical and digital copies, so you can have both and then you won't have to worry about it. Or make the voucher code thing that was suggested above. But don't make people have to pay twice for something they already own. That would alienate people and call your legit customers criminals.
DragonKnight  +   1244d ago
Oh that's a load of bull. There is no justification for pirating ever. These people have no idea what Sony's plans are for the entire PSP library, they just aren't patient. And short of your PSP being broken, what kind of person keeps PSP games they have no way of playing legitimately? And if you think pirating is going to be limited to ISO's of games that you legitimately own and not move into games you DON'T own, then you're naive. The Vita is a new device not even a year old and people have expected the moon from it since day one. How about give Sony some time to implement things? Hell, for all you know Sony could allow people to "port" PSP games to the Vita using the various homebrew programs that Sony already has available. The point is no one knows and yet they are already pirating. There isn't any real justification. It's just people wanting free games and willing to ruin the Vita to make it happen.
Conzul  +   1244d ago

No, it isn't bull, it's an intelligent post. The Vita is not going to be ruined by pirated PSP games in cases where the user owns an original copy that happens to be incompatible with Vita atm. Your post is a blind lackey for the Commercial Juggernaut.
DragonKnight  +   1244d ago
@conzul: Tell that to the PSP and its buttload of "legitimately owned" games that were pirated to hell and back. There is no justification for piracy, EVER. You're just a hacker sheep that loves free games and disregards the work put into making those games.

Myth 1: "Oh we're just hacking the Vita for homebrew, you can't pirate with our hack."

Fact 1: Sony provides programs to create homebrew legitimately with Playstation Suite and Playstation Mobile.

Myth 2: "Hacking doesn't lead to piracy."

Fact 2: This entire situation proves that wrong.

The point is that hacker losers are ruining the Vita and gaming in general for everyone with their statements that don't hold up to fact and actions that prove they aren't doing it "for teh konsumers."

You have no idea what games will be made available for the Vita or when, you're just impatient and stupid. For if you were smart you'd still have a PSP to play your PSP games on wouldn't you? Exactly. Stop trying to justify piracy. Because if you think that it's limited to PSP games you're naive.
#6.1.3 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
Conzul  +   1244d ago

Well you're half-right. I *am* impatient.

No, I wouldn't have a PSP to play PSP games with "if I were smart", I'd play them on a Vita which has a better screen and is newer and has more features. Your points are invalid.
DragonKnight  +   1244d ago
@Conzul: Gee, how ignorant of me to suggest that PSP games be played on a PSP. I forgot that the PSP was designed to be an emulator for SNES games, silly me. /s
rainslacker  +   1244d ago

I'm neither going to agree or disagree with you, however the excuse of "the legitimate people" is used way too often to defend piracy.

I've been on both sides of the piracy issue sine the PS2 days, and back then I repaired systems and installed Mod chips. I can say out of the 200+ or so I installed I only know one person that used it legitimately to play games he owned on disc off the HD. That's less than 1%.

This is of course an anecdotal number, but since most arguments I see on this issue use anecdotal and hypothetical scenarios I have no problem pulling them from my ass. I eventually grew a conscience and stopped pirating games around the time the PS2 slim came out and to this day I as a former pirate can say that all the excuses for piracy are to make the people that do it justify their reasons for breaking the law.

What it comes down to is yes, there are some people who would use this for legitimate reasons, legitimate being a gray area legally of course. However the damage that piracy does to the industry, namely in developer support and profits, far outweighs the good side of hacking and piracy.

Currently Sony gives you tools to do home brew apps and games. It is of course somewhat limited atm, but honestly you can blame the pirates for that. The next logical step to combat this to take the wind out of the pirates excuses is to release a UMD reader add-on for the Vita via the expansion port. If they did that then what excuse will you use to justify needing a hack?
darkpower  +   1242d ago
Piracy happens on the PC. Should they stop releasing games on the PC? Does that mean we have to condone draconian DRM like Ubisoft "always-on"?

Saying that "piracy will happen" doesn't mean that companies have to cower back the second they see it happen because it's ALWAYS going to happen no matter what you try to do. The thing is is that piracy is seen as the ultimate scapegoat so they can say "see, we told you so" and take away something that screws the legit customer because they actually found a way to make more money. In some ways, companies probably want the piracy to happen to them so they can have a reason to scale back what they do when they can't find any other reason. Why? Look at the above posts and try telling me that people won't be in a rush to condone anything said company does.

Thing is, if you find ways to have customers WANT to buy your product, then they will. But don't use something that has happened on every single media known to man as a poor excuse to lock people out of an option then force them to give you more money for something that they already have.

@DragonKnight: The whole point he (and I) was trying to say? It just flew over your head completely. Either that or you chose to ignore it.

The PSP didn't have the option to have you rip the game onto the memory so you didn't have to carry around the UMD everywhere you go if you wanted to play the game. The PSP GO didn't have this, either. The Vita doesn't even have the UMD drive. Why do you have an iPod, or maybe a USB thumb drive, or whatever other portable device you have that can store music on it? Because carrying those CDs around can be a damn pain. But using your logic, we should only be able to use a CD player to play CDs. We should only use a TV to watch TV shows, and we should only use a DVD/BD player to watch movies. We can't have any other option, and if someone was stubborn enough to let that bus go by, then tough luck for us. You're "everyone's a pirate because I said so" routine doesn't help find a sensible solution to an issue that isn't as black and white as you're trying to make it out to be (for whatever reason you have...unless you're just trolling).

How about Sony honors those that have the UMDs for these games and makes them able to be put on the Vita's drive? Did you ever think of that? Again, if there was that option in a legit way, then people would use that way. But guess what? There ISN'T! And if people want a convenient way to port their games so they don't have to worry about losing or breaking the disc or not having it with them when they go out and about, guess what is going to happen? Yep, people are going to find a way and not wait for Sony to come up with a way (assuming they care to begin with), and they'll use the third party, maybe illegitimate option because they HAVE no other option.

But yeah, I don't expect you to grasp THAT point, either, even if it's something I've already said.
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typikal82  +   1245d ago
There goes the neighborhood
Lex Luthor  +   1245d ago
Only a matter of time.
yewles1  +   1245d ago
All over again...
TheDivine  +   1245d ago
Awesome i can finally play crisis core, kingdom hearts, and portable ops on vita. This is why u want full bc. If i could play all my psp games on vita i wouldnt need a hack.
tubers  +   1245d ago
Shh! The SDF hunt your family down!
darkpower  +   1242d ago
Can we PLEASE stop using that term? As much as I disagree with the views of "everyone's a pirate" and blindly defending any company for whatever reason, that term is not only getting old to see, but there isn't such a thing. It's not even funny anymore (if it ever was).

Rob Foor is an idiot that should go play in traffic. Let's not give him any publicity that he's shouldn't have.
Kane22  +   1245d ago
No matter what you would've came up with another excuse. no matter what sony does. people will always hack and for shitty reasons too.
SAE  +   1245d ago
Our reasons are not shitty , it's our right :) ...

no need to explain them again , it's worth hacking right now because of how greedy sony are ....
Kane22  +   1245d ago
Sony isn't being greedy. personally i bought my vita to play games made for the vita. not buy it to play games from the damn past. if it bothers you that not why didn't you just keep your original psp that plays these games. dont get me wrong i do appreciate playing old games from the past on it. but its not my biggest reason i bought the vita. cause i do believe if you could hack your vita to play all vita games you would and still blame Sony for whatever reason.
vickers500  +   1244d ago

"if it bothers you that not why didn't you just keep your original psp that plays these games"

A lot of people don't have a ton of money to spend, so sometimes the only way for them to play the newer hardware, is to trade in the old hardware.

And having a massive library of games available from the start of any consoles launch or early years is always a good thing, since it takes a couple of years for a lot of good games to start rolling in(on any console) on a regular basis. Playing the oldies or games you might have missed out on the first time around helps pass the time while waiting for the next exclusive.

I might have even bought a Vita by now if it were 100% backwards compatible with psp games (physical or digital) since I skipped the psp.
#11.1.2 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1244d ago
So if you don't have lots of money to spend and have to trade in your old system for the new one (with no games according to your statement) why would you keep all your old games when they are on a format not in use by the current system "umd's". I understand the being pissed off at the digital titles not being supported but again the old excuse I already bought it once I shouldn't have to buy it again.

See VHS>DVD>blu ray whatever format comes next
See 45's>8 track>cassette>cd>mp3 's
I'm assuming all you who are pissed off at Sony are also pissed off at Nintendo cause I bought Mario/punch out/metroid/mega man/Zelda years ago and Nintendo had the audacity to put it up on the store and make me buy it again cause they didn't include a nes/SNES cartridge reader.

I know this has punched a few of you in the feelings so hit disagree and justify pirating cause an evil business wants to steal your money. :)
vickers500  +   1244d ago
"(with no games according to your statement)"

And where exactly in my comment did I say no games? If you're talking about my last paragraph of me personally having no psp games, then you are mistaking what I am saying. I'm not applying this to myself, I'm just giving an argument as to why one might not have a system.

Someone might have to trade in their old console for a new one, but would probably not trade in their old games as they are worth almost nothing to a retailer such as gamestop. The hardware is the only thing of value, so they decide to just keep the games, because there's no point in trading 5 games for like a buck each.

"why would you keep all your old games when they are on a format not in use by the current system "umd's""

The point I'm trying to make is that Sony should have taken this into consideration before they made the Vita, and they should, and in all likelihood are very capable of making the Vita backwards compatible via digital means. Some commenters above had some ideas on how to make it work.

"I'm assuming all you who are pissed off at Sony are also pissed off at Nintendo cause I bought Mario/punch out/metroid/mega man/Zelda years ago and Nintendo"

Yes, I am.

"I know this has punched a few of you in the feelings so hit disagree and justify pirating cause an evil business wants to steal your money. :)"

Well, apparently I've punched a few feelings with you too, as you're assuming I condone pirating when I said nothing of the sort in my comment. I never said anything about piracy being okay. I simply responded to the individual points Kane22 listed and told him why his ideas aren't valid, at least not for everyone.

And whether or not you want to believe it, Sony is greedy, as are all companies. The mistake is thinking that they actually care about you in any way shape or form. I wont assume you believe that, but if you actually did believe it, you would be a very naive idiot.
rytlok  +   1245d ago
oh well!!
haha thats great it might pick up in sales now
turgore  +   1245d ago
they are old games anyway...and its not like there is anything worthwhile to play on vita.
mushroomwig  +   1244d ago
Wipeout, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, LBP, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan..etc. How can you think none of them are worthwhile?
r21  +   1245d ago
Sony should really just let legit PSP owners re-download their games to their vitas for free, then this hack wouldnt be needed :L I suggest letting PSP game owners give their physical copies for a DL code of their game.
Kane22  +   1245d ago
the problem is people will just either borrow or by a used cheap copy of said game and use whatever code to get it free off the store.
Xof  +   1245d ago
Hell, Sony should real just let Vita owners download PSP games, period.

The digital PSP library has a handful of gems, but is missing waaaaay too many great games. Doing a sucky job of digital distribution encourages piracy, Sony. (And Nintendo).
WalterWJR  +   1244d ago
what you do not understand is that SONY can not do anything if the developers do not want there games on the store
Xof  +   1244d ago
@WalterWJR: bottom line, yes. Really, though instead of just "doing jack shit," Sony could actually try ENCOURAGING publishers to distribute their games via the PSN.

The fact that so few games are missing speaks volumes of how Sony treats third-party publishers.
Gordon_Shumway  +   1244d ago
LOL at people crying about having to buy things twice. Hey, I just bought gas for my car, does that mean I can fill up my motorcycle free?
timothylittle  +   1244d ago
Exactly. The PSP and the Vita are 2 different consoles. Well said, ALF!
tubers  +   1244d ago
I hope there'd be more vocal people like you so our future consoles would have NO backwards compatibility and let these big companies keep on releasing these so called "classics".. It's always fun to pay twice for basically the same thing.

Sure does benefit the gamers!

Guess VITA's gonna fall way behind its competition specially during its first few years. At least 3DS had the courtesy of letting you play DS cartridges.

Gas is a resource that can and easily be depleted as opposed to UMD/digital game ownership.

Hope your attitude changes before getting into some sort of business because you may be the type to abuse customers financially.
jeeves86  +   1244d ago

No one is forcing your hand to pay for a game you bought two years ago for a different system, just because it happens to be on another system.

You buy it because you want it.
Enigma_2099  +   1244d ago
There's no slot on the Vita for UMDs, right? So basically what a lot of you are saying is that SONY should just give you your PSP games on the Vita for free because you bought them once on your PSP? Instead of just playing your PSP?

Now I hate losing backwards compatibility and don't really care for double dipping either, but come on. You KNOW how idiotic this sounds.

Here's an idea. Why not get SONY to start a trade in program. Trade in your UMDs, and receive a free download of the same game to your Vita.

But none of this matters. Because no matter how many of you want to be legit with this hack, the pirates are gonna spoil it for everybody.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1244d ago
+1 for common sense. It's hard to find around here at times.

A umd trade in would be a pain for Sony but would benefit lots of psp/vita owners me included. The problem then comes down to storage which would be the next thing bitched about if Sony implemented this program though. This is where the gaikai service would be beneficial.
rainslacker  +   1244d ago
Your pretty spot on Enigma. I like BC myself since I like playing old games, but I knew going into buying a vita the many many UMD games I owned would not work on it. If it was that big a deal to me I wouldn't have bought a Vita. If all these people think UMD play should have been on the system from the start then they shouldn't have bought a Vita.

Sony is neither required nor obligated to support UMD play. If you bought these games digitally for the PSP then you shouldn't have a problem or need to pirate anything if you own it legitimately. I can say it would be nice if they had a UMD trade in program, but that's just not the case and people should grow up and accept it for what it is.

These people saying it's their right to play their old games on the Vita probably weren't around in the days when no systems had BC. If you wanted to play your old games you kept your old system.

Quite honestly I would love it if Sony could make a UMD player attachment for the Vita. It may not be possible with the expansion port though. Maybe some of these hackers can put their mind to doing something like that instead of just finding exploits in Sony's hardware to open the door for piracy.

Edit: One other point about the trade in program. While it would be cool for those that want this there are people like me that actually collect their games so it wouldn't be a viable solution for me. However if it's a game I really want to play on the Vita for some reason, most can be found pretty cheap on the PS Store.
#16.2 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ryusdwnbnmfjwh   1244d ago | Spam
jeeves86  +   1244d ago
Get ready to lose features on the Vita...:\
ziggurcat  +   1244d ago
"bu-bu-but that hack doesn't allow for piracy to happen!"

i now LOL @ all of the idiots that said that piracy would not happen as a result of the hack that was discovered last week.

i said it before - hacking these devices only ruins it for the rest of us. it ruined the PSP, it virtually ruined the PS3, and it's obviously starting to ruin the vita. sony's reaction will likely be to lock the system down even further, and possibly go as far as remove certain features.
Jirachi  +   1244d ago
The sad thing is it's LITERALLY impossible to run these games on psv without doing this.
1.megaman powered up
2.kingdom heart birth by sleep fantasy VII:crisis core
Way to go sony!
#20 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Enigma_2099  +   1243d ago
... but all three will play just fine on a PSP.
Jirachi  +   1243d ago
Maybe i sold my psp years ago?
Enigma_2099  +   1243d ago
And this is Sony's fault how, exactly?

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